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Well it has been a truly exhausting day, I am shattered and in dire need of my bed. Last night I was up at 3:15am trying to help the wife sort out our little girl who was up coughing and awake. It seems daft having both of us up, but even with the wife trying as hard as she could to deal with it and leave me to sleep, it still woke me up and I couldn’t just lie there and ignore it! Thankfully I still felt fairly well rested in the morning and the day stayed fairly dry for the cycling. After helping the wife to feed our grizzly daughter who is just not herself at the moment, I had to grab my stuff together and head out to tonights jujitsu session. It was a good session and I was still feeling okay at this point, but I had agreed to have a go at the bodycombat session straight after it, as our sensei was part of it and it was a free session in the same hall we’d just practised in. It was an hour of solid cardio exercise though, and it turned into a full on sweatfest! Now after cycling, jujitsu and body combat I am fully ready for bed! It was great to take the new car out for a proper spin today though, it was lovely to drive on the motorway. Can’t wait to drive it again! One of the nice bonuses is the fact that I can plug my iPhone directly into the car radio and play my music and podcasts through the speakers! I don’t know many people that actually listen to podcasts, but I have been listening to one every week since 2006 now, two guys out of Long Island, New York host a 3 hour show once a week called Lunatic Radio, and I make sue I listen to it every week. I am a a number of shows behind at the moment, as I used to have it on in the car on the way to work and don’t drive as much as I used to, but I will catch back up eventually, and without missing any shows as well. If any of you are into podcasts and are looking for something new and a bit different to listen to, find them and check them out at http://www.lunaticradio.com These guys have been going for 14 years on the internet and deserve way more listeners than they get!


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