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Todays post is on time and coming to you from the comfort of my own bed! I was hoping to be in bed by 10pm, but although thats not quite been achieved, I am at least lying on my bed as I type this, which is something. It really was the morning after the night before when the alarm clock went off, numerous drinks combined with not knowing when to stop on a Sunday night didn’t bode well for my ability to jump out of bed with a spring in my step this morning! Still, it was a reasonably quiet birthday this year, and so I felt like I owed it to myself to at least have a bit of fun, even if it was on a Sunday night. When I woke up I had two thoughts initially, one was “I quite literally do not know how I am going to find the energy to cycle to work, and today is one day I CANNOT take the car!” and the other was “Is that rain outside? It sounds like someone has installed a giant shower about our street and turned it on full! I am going to get D-Renched!” Thankfully as quickly as the rain started, it seemed to stop again, and the roads began to dry fairly quickly.

While I was in work, trying my very best to keep my eyes open and not look like I had spent most of the previous day drinking, Clare went out to pick up our new car and trade the old one in. I’ll be honest, I am glad to see the back of that Peugeot, we had paid enough out on it already and were pretty confident that there was a whole lot more to pay out ahead of us. On the day we first saw the car, it was me who took it out for a test drive, so today was Clare’s first go in it, and from her subsequent text message she seemed suitably impressed! Also while I was at work, the in-laws landed from their week away in the mediterranean, and arrived home about the same time I got back. To save them cooking, we had them over for dinner, and even showed them the new car. They came bearing a couple of gifts, including a new bracelet for Clare, as pictured above. Poor little Olivia was in a particularly whingy mood today, and seemed to cry at the slightest thing, although as much as it could possibly be teething related, it could also be that she is just too warm at the moment and maybe tired, as she doesn’t seem to be napping as much lately. It has been warm and sunny outside, and consequently warm inside, although I have brought the fan down from the loft, which has been fantastic and much appreciated! I love my fan!

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