The birthday weekend!


Those of you who follow this regularly may have noted that there was no post for Sunday 18th May, well it was my birthday and I can only apologise, there was very little opportunity in the evening to sit down and type! There is also not a photo on here as I type this, but hopefully that will be rectified when I get home. There were a few opportunities to take a few snaps, and that’s really all I managed!

We enjoyed a slow start to the day, getting the house ready, cleaning the BBQ and getting the garden ready before people started turning up after lunchtime. The long range weather forecast had suggested rain, and so it was hard to predict whether I’d even have the BBQ or not, but as we got closer to the weekend it became apparent that the chance of rain was slim, and so I put the word out. I’d already been shopping for supplies on the Saturday, and was keeping my fingers crossed that there was enough food as I wasn’t quite sure how many people would actually turn up given the late notice. I had a new tool I’d bought from Amazon for lighting the charcoal, which supposedly made the job a lot quicker and easier without the need for firefighters, or any lighting fluid. I wanted to give it a test run and it worked a treat! With coals burning and food cooking more and more people turned up, we had blankets down on the lawn and a gazebo up to keep the babies out of the sun. There were plenty of drinks on the go and everyone was happy, it was a fantastic afternoon. All the babies behaved themselves and it was lovely seeing them together. As the afternoon turned into evening, some couples started to leave to get their babies to bed, but my friend Dave and his wife stayed on a bit longer to have a few more drinks with us. Unfortunately we were far later to bed than I intended, but it was worth it to have enjoyed the day as much as we did. It taught me an important lesson about Age, red wine and Sunday nights!

Todays photo is Olivia standing up with my friend Millie and her son, who is also my godson watching on. 16 years from now I’ll be keeping a very close eye on him!!


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