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I’m going to keep this as short and sweet as I can. Another lovely Saturday with my two favourite ladies. Thankfully my Saturday morning run was cancelled again, as my running partner couldn’t make it. I got out early and picked up the meat order, which meant plenty of sausages for tomorrows bbq! Then It was shopping for some more bbq related food, and followed up by a quick trip to the Royal Mail sorting office to collect a parcel that hadn’t been delivered during the week. Then we were ready for our little car shopping trip as a family. We headed back to where we picked up our last car from and looked into trading it in. It didn’t take long before we found one close to our price range and looking like a really nice car with some cool toys on board. We sat down with the salesman and crunched a few numbers, and realised that this really cool car was totally affordable, and potentially ours! So we signed on the dotted line and got out of there, time to head home and get the garden ready for friends visiting for tomorrows birthday bbq! Yes it is finally my birthday weekend, and as I sit here typing this its now technically my birthday now we’e passed midnight! My treat from the wife was tickets to see Jimmy Carr live in Dudley. We called on my friend Tracy to babysit for us as there was a small chance that Olivia may wake up because of her teething, and although I know my sister was keen to babysit, she didn’t have the experience to really know what to do, if there was any kind of crying, or whinging, or worse still, some kind of panic. We enjoyed our night out all the same and came home to a wide awake little girl who had been awake for a couple of hours and really needed to close her eyes and get some sleep. It turns out Olivia had a really bad nights sleep and was awake for a while, so my theory proved to be right after all!!

We finally settled Olivia, finally, and now its time for bed!


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