Finally the weekend lands, and not just any weekend, but my birthday weekend. Yes folks, you guessed it, I turn 21 yet again! My birthday isn’t until Sunday, but I have decided to start celebrating early, and had arranged a curry for tonight with a few close family and friends, followed by a night out tomorrow with the wife to see Jimmy Carr live, and hopefully if the weather stays good, a BBQ on Sunday afternoon! Tonight I was due to work over at the end of the day, but spoke to the boss and managed to get out a little early. It was a beautiful ride home with the warm wind making me forget that we’d ever had any rain at all! Clare had gone out in the car to pick up my mom for babysitting duties and so I was home before them, which gave me a chance to put my feet up and my head down for ten minutes before they got back.

After pacifying Olivia with dinner, and with various trips up the garden to the greenhouse, it was finally time for her last bottle, and then bed. She went down so quickly and easily, I could hardly believe it, which was a relief as we were heading out for food soon and leaving my Mom and stepdad to babysit Olivia for the first time. Our restaurant was only 5 mins away, so we weren’t hugely concerned that there was likely to be any issue with us getting back quickly should a problem arise that they couldn’t sort out. As it happened, the didn’t hear a peep out of her, which came as no surprise to us. She was a bit warm, and didn’t cool down much when we took her top off, so a little calpol in her dessert did the trick and she was soon asleep and feeling much cooler.

The curry was a lovely night, and it was a lovely crowd that turned up! Including a couple of old school friends and both my sisters. We hung around and put away a few drinks, well those of us that werent drinking anyway, and it would have been nice to join Dave at the pub afterwards, but with Clare taking my mom and Al home it meant that I was looking after Olivia while she was away!


2 thoughts on “136.365”

  1. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Weekend!!

    Maybe do posts once a week…I can understand you having little time…you seen to cram so much in already!!


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