“Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.”

Another late post for me, but more disappointingly, it was my 500th photo of this 365 project, and I had wanted to make it a significant one. Sometimes the day just doesn’t allow the time to do all the things you want though, and this has been fairly evident through previous photos, but it is a shame I couldn’t mark this landmark with more than a photo of how my night ended up. It wasn’t a bad day by any means, the weather was pleasant and had made for some nice cycling, the day at work was fine, and I was looking forward to my good friend Alan coming over so we could cook him a belated birthday meal. It was a fairly warm bike ride home from work, even without a coat, May is finally starting to warm up at last, but I didn’t have long to cool down as a phone call to my mechanic friend about the clutch problem on the car meant we needed to try and get the car to him tonight, to leave with him for a few days. We’re just very lucky to have the in-laws car at our disposal while they’re away on holiday, so it meant Clare could follow me and bring me home after the car was dropped off. Once home, it was a quick bath for Olivia before her bottle as it was almost her bedtime, and Alan turned up just in time to see her before she went to sleep. We enjoyed a good chat over dinner with a couple of beers, and the hours ticked by and my beer had turned into a bottle of red wine, not literally of course, but was evidently getting later and later until we had to call it a night. I unfortunately fell asleep at my laptop again attempting to write something on here, before accepting defeat and giving in to sleep.

One thing is for sure, particularly highlighted by my upcoming birthday this weekend, that I’m not 21 anymore. This project has resulted in some late nights for me on days where I’ve struggled to find a photo or come up with anything to write. I don’t want to give up on this project as I have enjoyed it, and love looking back over the events of the last year and a half, but those late nights take their toll over time, and I am starting to literally crave a few early nights now and again. I certainly can’t be catching up on my sleep in the morning, as now Olivia is here, there is no more sleeping in. Hell, I don’t even think I could sleep in beyond 8am now, even if I wanted to! I guess the answer may lie in dividing this project at some point in the future, either this is a blog, or it’s a photo a day project. Clearly trying to do both is perhaps too much with a child and a full time job! I know for sure there are people who enjoy it, and I have enjoyed doing it, but if this is going to continue I need to ensure it is sustainable.


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