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“Mamas are always crying about how one day they see you as a baby, and the next morning, they see you growed up.”

I came home from work today, as ever, particularly excited to see my daughter again. Don’t get me wrong, Its always great to see my wife, but I can still see her when Olivia is in bed, and my time with Olivia during the day is restricted, obviously as I am at work, and so consequently very precious to me. Today though, she just seemed, I don’t know, a little more grown up than yesterday. A bit less like a baby and a bit more like a little girl. It seems an obvious statement to make, I know, but you don’t expect to notice these changes in such a short space of time. I’d expect, say my mom to notice them, as she may not see her more than once a week. I certainly don’t expect to notice them, but I have! One thing that we are trying to encourage at the moment, is for Olivia to feed herself. Yes, we’ve read all about the baby led weaning thing, and I am sure it is great and works for lots of babies, but we don’t really fancy spoonfuls of mashed potato being flung around the living room! What we have got Olivia into though, is Dairylea sandwiches and cheese on toast, which she can easily feed herself! She still loves her bottles of milk though, and will do for a few months yet, but it is so lovely to see her feeding herself. I had to go out to the allotment this evening, but thankfully Olivia was asleep and on her way to bed before I had to leave, so I least got to say goodnight to her, which is important to me, even if she is asleep. So, with a few trays of seedlings in hand, it was off to Dave’s house to pop a few more bits onto the allotment. We already have a number of things growing over there, but because we had yet another late frost this year, I have started most of the seeds off in the greenhouse, to give them a chance to get going as quickly as they could, so we didn’t leave planting them out too late. Today I took over peas, carrots, swede, beetroot, broccoli and sweetcorn, and they’ve all had a head start, so hopefully we have given them the best chance of survival, just as long as we don’t have another summer of butterflies like last year, as they will eat all the brassicas, such as broccoli, cauliflower and sprouts. They devoured the lot last year and we ended up growing none! So we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a bit more luck this year! The allotment is great fun, but it does take a lot of time up, more than you think it will. Jobs that you think are only going to take half an hour can easily end up taking a couple of hours! Dave has dedicated a small square of the allotment to his 3 year old son who likes to come over and “help” when he can. Its a lovely idea and I’d like to get Olivia involved too when she is older, I think its important for kids to see and understand where their food comes from. I think I’ll leave the story behind meat until she’s a bit older though!! Seriously though, I am very keen for her to eat what we’re growing on the allotment, as there are no chemicals on it, and it tastes so much better fresh, there really is no comparison! I may even be brave and try a few new things myself! I am generally not very good at trying things, don’t ask me why, and for some reason I find it hard to try new things when I know people are watching me. Crazy, I know! I put it down to a fear of wretching, which probably comes from an evil headmistress I had when I was in junior school, who used to bully us into eating everything on our plate, even if we didn’t like it! Nasty old witch, I never liked her! I am not sure what caused me to be so fussy as a child, but I am really hoping that Olivia doesn’t turn out that way too!


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