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A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in–what more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars.”
I can’t lie, I wasn’t feeling the love for Monday morning today, guess I was just feeling a bit run down. Thankfully I still had the rental car, as it wasn’t due back until this evening, so I figured I’d give myself a day off the cycling to let my body build itself back up. It was nice to relax and be able to forget about what the weather was doing.

Its a funny time at the moment, we’re in the middle of the shortest term I’ve ever known whilst working in a school, and even though it feels like we’ve only just come back from the easter holidays, there is actually only 9 school days left until the next half term holiday. This term will fly by… but that’s not necessarily a good thing, this term is all that Clare has off work with Olivia. Neither of us are happy about this. I wish I had the money to allow her to stay at home and look after Olivia for longer, but those bills need a-payin’!! Ideally, with half term being her last week off, I’d like to have celebrated the occasion with a few days away at the seaside or somewhere, but sadly Clare has already filled up a few of the days with various things which makes this virtually impossible now. The good news is that after half term, its only 7 more weeks to the start of the summer holidays and Clare has managed to book the first week off work, so maybe we can do something then instead?! I need a bit of sea air and some sand between my toes!

So todays photo was taken with the idea of it not taking up too much of my time, as I was promising myself an early night in bed. I found these beautiful flowers growing in the back garden, but I didn’t want it to be another close up of a flower shot, I decided to get a bit more of the flower in and also get low down to include the colourful back drop of forget-me-nots that seem to be tearing their way through the garden! I need to get out in the garden this week and dig up a few more bushes and weeds, as we have the garden refuse bins collected this week, and I need to make sure its full up as there is so much to go in it. I can’t really afford to let these weeds go running riot through the garden and not be filling up the green garden bin with them! What’s really frustrating is the big flower bed running along one side of the garden that has been fully dug up and cleared, that I want to plant more flower seeds in, but can’t as they will get trampled on when it is time to replace the broken garden fence. The fence was already in poor condition when we moved in, but the storms we had earlier in the year have just battered them. We have been on the case, but it would appear we’re not the only ones and virtually all the suppliers have run out of fencing panels. We have someone for the job, but they can’t do it until the panels are in stock, and until then we can’t really get any flowers down or they’ll just get walked all over. All I want is a lovely colourful garden ready for Olivia’s first birthday so we can put a family & friends bbq on. Olivia’s first birthday is coming whether we like it or not, and providing the weather is good, the bbq will happen, but it would be really nice if the garden was looking good too! Anyway, I digress, the photo was what I was talking about. I took a few different shots, but liked this one. With the picture taken I was hoping for a quick blog post and off to bed, but an unexpectedly long phone call in between has set me back a bit.

But now it is actually time for bed! G’night all!


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