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“Many of us pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that we hurry past it.”


Plans are fine, but often you have to adapt. Saturday didn’t end as I had planned and Sunday didn’t start that way either! The plan for Sunday morning was a 6 mile run with my friend Rob, one of the reasons I was a little cautious about going a bit crazy with the drink the night before. As it turns out, the night before wasn’t quite so crazy, and I didn’t need to worry anyway, as an early morning text from my running buddy today, to inform me that he couldn’t run due to a back injury whilst in the gym, meant that I was staying in bed just a little longer this morning, with my inspiration to get out of bed whilst its early, cold and raining, having just cancelled!

With the wife and daughter up and dressed, we headed out briefly to see a car showroom and have a look at the prices available Vs some of the models on offer. Clare was quite obviously quickly disheartened by the sheer limitations of our budget, so we gave up and headed home, with plans to do a bit more online research first. Once home, I sat and watched the Spanish GP while Clare took Olivia round to see grandparents, and once the race was over, we had to get the house tidy for the arrival of our friends Adele and Rob. They were a lovely couple that we’d met as part of our antenatal classes back in July last year, a few weeks before Olivia was born! In total there were seven couples in our antenatal class, including us, living within reasonable driving distance of each other, that had paid to attend these classes instead of the free NHS ones, and we are so glad we did, as we’ve met some truly lovely people as a result!


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