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“Every bride is beautiful. It’s like newborn babies or puppies. They can’t help it.”


Saturday morning no longer means a lie in these days, and it certainly didn’t today when I had to be up and out to help my good friend Phil photograph a wedding over in Stratford-Upon-Avon. The weather forecast was looking a little grim, but apart from being a little cloudy and a little windy early on, it wasn’t proving to be too bad as the day went on. The hire car I picked up on Friday was a pleasure to drive, and after stopping at Phil’s for a cup of tea and a quick chat about the days plans , we were soon on our way to visit the bride for some wedding preparation shots. The day went pretty smoothly, and with the sun popping out now and again we managed to tick off the shots we wanted one by one. I always feel nervous before a wedding, there is a certain amount of pressure with so many things that could go wrong, but having a second person to help removes half of those problems and makes the day so much easier! So working alongside Phil is pretty much a fairly stress free day, as we can easily work around most problems together. After the service I captured todays photo after the bride had climbed into the car to head for the reception venue. There were more shots that I wanted to take at the church, but the couple were somewhat distracted and wanted to move on and there was little I could do to stop them from setting off for the reception venue. Before they left I decided to try and shoot the bride through the glass, and knew it would be tricky with the reflections, but at that moment a female guest stood there and blocked some of the light, allowing me to see the brides face. Perfect! There are so many things you can plan and/or anticipate about a wedding day, and somethings that just present themselves as opportunities not to be missed. It was a long day, as weddings can be. As a photographer, you are generally there for more of the day than anyone else, except the couple themselves. It was good to finally get home and rest my aching feet, although it was much later than I’d anticipated, and I didn’t get round to meeting my friends who were out celebrating a birthday. I can’t lie, it was a bit disappointing as me and my friends don’t seem to go out much these days. It may be my birthday in a week, but we already have plans for that, and so I’ll just have to wait until the next night out!


1 thought on “130.365”

  1. I’ve never known exhaustion quite like the exhaustion after photographing a wedding. This is a wonderful photograph. It’s really something special.


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