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And so Friday finally lands. I can get used to this idea of a four day week after a three day weekend, it really has been quite pleasant. Sadly its back to normal from next week, but for now I can enjoy the weekend. Tomorrow I have ahead of me a wedding, and most of my camera equipment is now ready, just a few more batteries to put on charge and I’ll be there!

There is also the blatant fact that to get to tomorrows wedding, I am going to need a car, and so I had arranged to pick up a rental car, as seen in todays photo. I had originally picked the smallest and cheapest car, as its job was simple and with a clutch to be fixed on our car coming in at just under £300, I couldn’t afford a luxury rental car. I could however stretch just a few quid more and get a slightly nicer budget model car, which turned out to be a Ford Fiesta, and so far I have been especially impressed with it! When I was originally offered a Fiesta as an upgrade, I really wasn’t expecting THIS! The car looks good, feels spacious inside, the engine sounds great, and its packed full of gadgets. I am really liking this car, and so much so that I may even begin considering it when we get around to changing our car over the next few weeks! After picking the car up, it was a quick stop at the supermarket to pick up some Friday night snacks, even though the wife had cooked a delicious home made pizza, far better than the shop ones we normally buy, and having picked the toppings myself, it was absolutely perfect! So with the car picked up, pizza done, the little lady bathed, fed and asleep we were set up for Friday evening! A film and a bottle of red wine was just perfect to go with the previously purchased snacks! Sadly the wife made one film and is now in bed, leaving me to finish the wine on my own.

SO the Friday night film review, so what film did we watch? We picked one from Netflix called Déjà Vu with Denzel Washington, which was one of the few rare films to be given 4 out of 5 stars on the netflix ratings. I thought the concept of the film was a little far fetched, but they did it well. It was very hollywood, and Denzel ends up playing his usual sort of roll in this film, but did I enjoy it?… yeah, it did the trick, even though I was well up for 28 Days Later at the beginning of the night! So Friday night may have turned into me staying up on my own in front of the tv, drinking a bottle of red wine, whilst typing this blog up for hardly anyone to read… at least Saturday night promises a little more excitement, an actual night out with the boys, its been a while! I just hope I cope a little better than the last night out which was with all the dads from the antenatal group, and while they’re an absolutely great bunch of guys, it was essentially a bunch of men (myself included) who have forgotten all about what its like to have a lie in, not only after a night out on the pop, but at all! In fact I think all lie-ins are cancelled for at least the next 7 years or so! On a plus note, you definitely have more of your day to do things with!


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