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“Wedding preparations of a different kind.”


Todays photo is not very exciting, but today I was exhausted, genuinely shattered! Too many late nights whilst still getting up early to do essentially an hour of cardio each morning! Not enough giving my body time to repair itself and recover. Today was a day of making numerous phone calls, and one of those was to my good friend Phil, who I am helping to photograph a wedding on Saturday. The last few details of when and where we need to be exactly needed to be ironed out, and after the phone call it was time to start getting my equipment in order, start putting the numerous batteries on charge and sorting out my memory cards. The one problem with my memory cards is that I have been filling them all up with photos of Olivia since she has been born, and I had to go through them all tonight to transfer the images onto an external hard drive to back them up, then in ture “I ain’t takin’ any chances” style, backed them up on to a second hard drive, just in case! I will make several back ups of my wedding photos just in case a hard drive fails on me, unlikely but not impossible, and now I have a daughter, keeping her photos backed up is just as important as keeping the all the numerous wedding photos safe! I am not sure exactly how long I will be keeping the wedding photos backed up for, and its extremely unlikely that anyone will be wanting them, but I like to hold onto a copy of each set in case of a worst case scenario such as someone being burgled, or the dog ate the wedding album, or something like that. In fact I did actually have a couple email me about a year or so ago saying just that, the dog had chewed some pages out of the wedding album, and could those pages be reprinted? Sadly the answer was no, my albums are created by a company up in Scotland called Loxley Colour as a whole package, and the whole thing would have to be reprinted at the full cost of the album to the couple, as the pages are all created at once and can’t be printed individually. Their photos are quite safe should they ever choose to come back to me, but I can’t reprint an album for free, and certainly can’t print individual pages! Anyway, I digress, a rather large number of photos of my daughter are now safely backed up on two separate hard drives, much to my relief, and my memory cards are all set for the weekend, I just hope the weather picks up a bit. I am quite looking forward to this wedding, it has been a few months since my last one. renovating a house, then moving house and becoming a parent have all taken up a massive amount of time, on top of the fact that I have a full time job, the last 12 months has been a long line of days with not enough hours in them!


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