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“Change, like healing, takes time.”


The wind of change has blown here in the Vokes household and a new chapter has begun! Gone are the days of our little girl being confined to where we left her, now she is not only on her feet, but doing so without any support from us. Yeah, okay so we put her there and she can’t climb up herself, and yeah she can’t stay there for more than a minute or so without falling, but its a start all the same!

So all in all a bittersweet day, the obvious positive, my daughter who is amazing and never fails to make me smile, especially with her latest trick… but on the downside, the clutch has now gone on the car, just as we were about to trade it in for a new one as well! Its going to be a hefty repair bill and of which we don’t really get to see the benefit if we trade it straight in, but we can’t trade it in unless we repair it! What a bitch! With my suspicions about the gearbox being the next thing to go, we really can’t hang around though! Damn cars, like I told my sister when she passed her test, as long as you have a car, you’ll never have money! I should have listened to what my driving instructor told me when I passed my test, never buy french or italian!! I have driven three Peugeots in the last four years and all of them have been a real pain in the ass!

One of my concerns regarding the car was the fact that I needed it to get to a wedding on Saturday as I am assisting my good friend Phil in photographing the day, but failing to give in to defeat I have instead booked a very reasonably priced hire car for the weekend to make sure I don’t miss it. This takes all the worry out of the day, especially as I have to travel 20 miles just to get to Phil’s house before we even begin! It will all be worth it though as Phil always gets some gorgeous weddings, and I am looking forward to having some great images to choose from for the website which is well overdue an update! I can’t deny that the website has been particularly neglected of late, but this really needs to be addressed as soon as I get the chance. I did always want my blog to be more business orientated, but it has ended up being taken over by this 365 project, which is fine as thats exactly what its for, plus it has helped me pick up a considerable number of followers in the 17 months or so I have been doing it!

Unfortunately with it being Wednesday and the car now being truly immobile, the only way to catch up with my friends was to rely on lifts, which I was very grateful for. It is always good to see them, and catch up each week, and also see my friends little boy growing up as fast as Olivia! I still think of him as a tiny newborn, but he is only three months behind Olivia, making him five months old now! He is already well into the rolling onto his front trick, although Olivia is only just starting to work on this, although that maybe because she picked up the sitting up trick so quickly and didn’t spend quite so long on her back… not that she ever really tried to roll when she did! Babies are funny creatures, but there really is no comparing them to other babies as they are all so different, regardless of their relative ages!

Right, bed for me, I still have two days of running and cycling ahead of me!


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