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“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

The Sunday before a bank holiday Monday has a special feeling about it, that “I don’t have to go to work tomorrow” feeling! Today we were going out for lunch with the wifes family to celebrate the father in laws 65th birthday. I love family lunches, and it does sadden me that my family just aren’t as close as we used to be! Still, we had a lovely afternoon, even if the red wine I had with my lunch went to my head a little quicker than I expected it to! From the meal we moved on to the in-laws house where we all sat back and relaxed and had a nice catch up while everyone cooed over the babies. Olivia is no longer the youngest now that Clare’s brother and his wife have had another baby. Olivia now has a little girl cousin close to her own age to play with as they grow up, which will be nice.

As it got close to Olivia’s bed time we decided it was time to make a move and head home, to get our little lady ready for bed and keep her in her normal routine. As we’d been picked up by the in-laws for lunch, we didn’t have the car with us, and with everyone having had a drink after we got back to the house, no-one was able to drive us home, which seemed to cause some temporary concern, with everyone overlooking the simple obvious fact that it was only a 4 minute walk for us to get home. The weather was nice and the fresh air wouldn’t do us any harm, so we took advantage of a pleasant evening and stretched our legs.

With our little madam in bed and fast asleep, the weekend draws to a close. Thankfully tomorrow I don’t have to set an alarm or worry about work.

Todays photo may creep a few people out, it certainly didn’t inspire the usual encouraging remarks from the wife. It leads me to think about why we dislike spiders so much though, and a lot of people have a list of excuses for their hate of spiders, when in reality these harmless little creatures are unfortunately disliked for no other reason than thats the reaction people saw in their parents and those around them as they grew up. Most people don’t actually know why they don’t like spiders, but think about it, if you always saw your mom freak out, there’s a good chance, as a child, you must think that there is a reason for her response and be equally scared. Since I have taken on an allotment with my friend, and have been growing vegetables in a greenhouse, I have learnt to respect the spiders. They don’t get in the way, they don’t bother me, but what they do manage successfully is eating flies, and its the flies that cause the problems! So, with that in mind, the spiders, just by hanging around and doing their thing are actually making life easier by getting rid of all the flies! I’m cool with that!


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