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“Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things.”


Fridays post is now making a delayed appearance after leaving it a little too late last night, and through squinty eyes and repeatedly jolting myself awake, typing a bunch of garbled text that didn’t even make sense to me highlighted the fact that I needed to abort the attempt and get to bed!

It was a good day with no real dramas, and pleasant cycling weather for getting to and from work, although I was a little too late to work to get on the treadmill and so gave myself the day off from running as I had a run planned for Saturday morning anyway. When I got home after work there was just a little bit of time to spend with the wife before it was time to feed Olivia and let Clare get ready for her night out with friends. A tired little Olivia began crying before she even finished her dinner, and it was clear we were going to need a last minute nap before bed, and as we were going to be dropping Clare into town I knew Olivia would sleep in the car anyway, which she did. So with Clare out on the tiles, we headed home and it seemed a 30 minute nap was all Olivia needed to push through. We played for a little while before I got her changed, gave her a last bottle and took her up to bed to read a little bit of Wind In The Willows to her, as that last minute nap meant her final bottle didn’t send her to sleep like it normally does. It seems like the story worked though as I checked the video monitor after I got downstairs and she was soon asleep.

With the wife out and the baby in bed it was time for a little feet up and catching up on a bit of Jack Bauer in 24 before the new series comes out this week! The snacks were ready and the beer was in the fridge, but I was expecting a visitor first, our friend Tracy was popping round to collect her house key from when we fed their cats while they were away last weekend. A cup of tea and a good old catch up went on a little longer than I expected so I didn’t quite have as long to type on here and try to watch 24 at the same time. After a couple of beers I was feeling the call of bed and the text on screen was beginning to look like some kind of obscure code. You have to know when to give up and call it a day!


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