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“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.”


This evening I had nothing planned, not a thing! My wonderful wife had already got dinner under control, and we decided to skip Olivia’s bath as she’d had one the night before anyway and was very tired. So, once she was in bed I had a whole evening on my hands and I actually decided to just stop for an hour or two and watch a bit of tv, some documentary thing about parking disputes, vaguely interesting. Then BOOM… suddenly its bedtime, my lunch isn’t ready for tomorrow, my blog isn’t typed up and I am nowhere near ready for bed! Where did my evening go? Still, it is important to make time for nothing once in a while, I feel like I sometimes just need to switch my brain off for a night. I have plenty to keep it occupied and I am fairly sure I have enough to keep me busy over the weekend, even if I didn’t turn the tv on again until monday! Forms to fill in, a wedding album to create, photos that need putting on disc and posting, plus a whole bunch more! I did manage to poke my head inside the greenhouse this evening to check on my plants, although not much needed doing, except for some exposure to a little sunshine, but hopefully that won’t be too far away!

So while in the news today, there is a debate on Peaches Geldof, the self confessed wild child party girl who took drugs and then became some kind of “earth mother” only to end up pushing up daisies because of heroin. Yet everyone is saying lets not judge her. Really?? So she can go crazy and live a life of excess and not expect consequences? Playing with heroin HAS consequences, that’s why its massively frowned upon in society, its heroin… HEROIN!! This isn’t like having a puff on a friends joint and thinking you’re cool at college, this is stuff that ruins society and actually kills people!! Yeah, I know her mom died from an overdose and its a lot to get over, I get it, but that doesn’t mean she has to go and copy her. The girl had kids! Being responsible for kids and still taking heroin means that she quite simply put drugs before her own children! If she didn’t then she would still be here, her kids would have a mother and we wouldn’t be discussing it! Yet we can’t judge her on this??

Well, I would just like to dedicate todays blog to my wonderful wife who doesn’t even consider putting anything before our daughter. She has been a wonderful mother, and wife, and has looked after both Olivia and myself without any complaint or question. I am lucky and privileged to have such a wonderful woman in my life and I only wish we could afford for her to not have to go back to work so she could carry on with the wonderful job she is doing of bringing up Olivia while I am at work! Before I met clare I always wondered about meeting a girl with similar ideas and principles to my own as I was very keen to make sure that bringing up a child was team work and not a stand off! I guess my parents splitting up made me want to avoid it all the more, as I knew the impact it could have on a child. Yet, I find Clare and it’s like all my prayers have been answered at once.

Quite frankly, I know the Peaches Geldof comment is probably going to annoy people, but there isn’t much I can do about that. She made her choices. My dad used to drink a lot, and I think without going into details, me and my sister missed out sometimes because of that, and MY choice is to not be the same kind of dad to MY daughter! So, can I judge? Well I have!


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