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“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”


The first day back on the bike in two weeks, but thankfully the weather was perfect for cycling and made it really easy going into work and even quite easy on the way home which is a slight uphill incline for the majority of the journey!

The day itself was fine, work was pleasant enough, and especially nice to know there is only 18 days left in this term, even better to know that there are only two more Monday mornings left as this coming Monday is a bank holiday and both the wife and me are very keen to get out and make the most of the day if the weather is nice. We won’t be going too far as the traffic is bound to be absolutely bonkers and the motorways will simply be reduced to carnage! I don’t fancy being one of those people who spends his bank holiday staring at the rear brake lights of the car in front for four hours not understanding why nothing has moved even slightly. The 15 day weather forecast is suggesting we may be in luck, but its still a little early to tell, so we’ll see nearer the time.

Today I sailed home on the bike and was greeted by big smiles from Olivia, who now she is missing her final nap, is generally still awake at this time of day! I got to spend a bit of time with her before headed out in the car to the final jujitsu session of the month, where we turn up in trainers and tracksuits and practise a bit of kicking and punching on the pads, always good for getting rid of unwanted aggression!! We did a few different techniques tonight and it turned into one big sweatfest! Great fun though!

Came home from training to a delicious dinner cooked by the wife and even a fresh cream cake, lovingly made by herself. Delicious!

Shattered, its late, I am off to bed now. Good night internet!


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