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“In prosperity our friends know us; in adversity we know our friends.”


Normally I’m overjoyed when the weekend arrives, on this occasion, not so much! The weekend signifies that two weeks of being off work is now almost over and on Monday morning its back to the grind again as a new term starts. Its not that I don’t like my job, my job is great, its just that it feels like two weeks has gone far too quickly, I have loved spending time with my wife and daughter, we haven’t seen all the people we wanted to and I haven’t finished all the jobs on my to-do list!

Today we went to visit my good friend Millie and my godson Noah. We were hoping to stretch our legs, blow out a few cobwebs and go for a bit of a walk, but even as nice as the sunshine was, the afternoon was frequented by scattered showers and it turns out we ended up with a sleeping Olivia on Clare and a sleeping Noah on me so we weren’t going anywhere! It was nice to see Noah and Olivia paying attention to each other and the start of a new friendship beginning!

Todays photo was of Noah and Olivia playing together, well, more Noah playing than Olivia, but she was still very interested all the same, and it got me thinking about friendship generally as I have recently become aware of a situation that I am genuinely disappointed in. Back in 2012 I married my beautiful wife Clare and my life which had improved significantly since meeting her seemed to improve even further, it was a fabulous day and I was lucky to have not one, but two best men to help me along the way. Two of my old school friends that I have known for over 25 years did a spectacular job, both on my stag weekend and on the big day itself. One of them was my good mate Dave, who I ended up living just a few roads from. We regularly end up at the local pub and work on our allotment together. I just know that me and Dave will be friends for a very long time to come. My other best man has been an equally good friend for just as long and I even ended up living with him for a while renting out his spare room, but things seemed to change after the wedding, when the weeks and months seemed to tick by without hearing from him at all. Eventually, 10 months after the wedding we managed to catch up for a beer again one Sunday afternoon, and it was great to finally see him again. Unfortunately that was over 9 months ago, and even though I have sent text messages, sent emails, left voicemails I have heard nothing back apart from one single text message back, apologising for not being in touch due to being away in another country with work, but that was several weeks ago now. The news I recently found out through the magic of facebook is that it seems that this week he is currently in Thailand and yesterday has finally got married to his girlfriend. I can understand a lack of invite, as it doesn’t sound like many people made the journey half way around the world. It is a significant distance after all. But after knowing him for 25+ years, living with him, going on holiday with him numerous times, asking him to be my best man… and he doesn’t even mention to me that he is getting married?? He didn’t even mention it in his last text message. I feel genuinely hurt by this. His wedding day, done, and I only found out by accident! I don’t really know how to deal with this! He was so generous on our wedding day too, and left a good chunk of spending money for our honeymoon in our wedding card. Sadly the relationship between me and his now wife had become a little frosty after we fell out over something, and I am sure this is part of the reason I am not hearing from him anymore. But what to do? Where do I go from here??


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