“I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.”


Last night may have seemed like a good idea, and boy did I get a lot of wood burnt, bushes and fence panels, but I was so late to bed, I really struggled to get up this morning! Oh and I reeked of smoke, a damn good shower was definitely in order! Before all that I gave myself a slow start to the day with a cup of tea and playing with Olivia for a bit, as you can see from todays photo. There were three main things on todays agenda, feeding our friends cats, visiting my oldest friend ever, and getting lasagne ready for dinner tonight with the in-laws. After lunch we were becoming a bit pushed for time and so I took Olivia out in the car to feed the cats while Clare prepared tonights lasagne so that it only had to be put into the oven when we got home!

When we were finally ready (and the cats had been fed) we jumped back in the car and headed off to meet my old friend Vanessa who I have known since I was three years old! Its always lovely to see her, although sadly she never finished her driving lessons when she was younger and so unless her other half can join her too and provide transport then we have to go to theirs as the buses between the two houses would be a pain in the neck. Today was certainly not a day for jumping on the buses, the rain came down and down and down, it was pretty relentless all day long. It was a real shame, I’d love to have done something nice with the wife and daughter for the last day of the holidays, a drive out, a walk, a bit of exploring. We got to Vanessa’s just after 3pm as we’d arranged, and were able to stay until 4.30pm to make sure we were home in time for Olivia’s meal time, and also to make sure the house was tidy and that the lasagne made it into the oven on time. The in-laws arrived a little early to spend some time with Olivia, while Clare served up the dinner which was delicious and well worth the wait. Soon with drinks in hand, we moved away from the dinner table and put a film on for us all to watch, The Life Of Pi. But for now I am off to bed, well and truly exhausted I tell thee!


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