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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”


It was a rather exciting start to Thursday as we had to been waiting several weeks for Olivia’s photo to appear in a feature in a weekly womens magazine, and today was the day it was released. We were also promised £75 by the magazine for using the photo which was nice. Admittedly it was a large incentive in sending the photo off in the first place, but it will certainly be a welcome bonus now we know we’ll have a cheque coming our way sometime soon!


Clare and her mother were both having their hair done this morning after Jane, their mobile hairdresser turned up. I tried to make myself useful by spending some time in the garden getting rid of more weeds and putting the branches from the bushed I’d dug up into the garden recycling bin. There was of course lots of excited talk about Olivia and her magazine appearance. By the time the hair was finished and I was done in the garden it was time for lunch before we headed off to our friends house to feed their cats for them. It should have been a straightforward, two minute, in/out job. “Make sure you close the living room door behind you so that cats don’t escape” we were told, but as I opened the front door “WHOOSH!” out flew a cat, and the living room door was already wide open! Not what I needed as we were already running late to get over to my sisters house. Chasing a cat is almost impossible at the best of times, but when you know your friends wont be home for two days, you can’t leave the cat and just drive off. Thankfully I noticed the cat had only run around the house and into the back garden, and to make the situation slightly easier, they had left the key for the back door in an easy to find place. With the door open the cat took a look at the cat food I’d put down and walked off back down the garden, just typical! So I played a bit of reverse psychology on the cat, having had dinner with my friends on numerous occasions in the past I knew the cats only seemed interested in coming near the door or what was going on inside when the door was closed! So I shut the door and stood away from it. Eventually a small furry face appeared at the door and the cat was soon inside. We were on our way to my sisters eventually! The sun had suddenly come out and the day was getting unexpectedly warm, at my sisters we sat outside and enjoyed her new patio table and chairs, the same ones we’d had our eye on from a local supermarket. Todays photo was taken from my sisters house which can only be described as vintage and eclectic, its one of those houses where you could spend ages looking at “things”, and each time I go round I find something new on the wall or in a display cabinet that I hadn’t seen before. Its truly fascinating! Olivia enjoyed spending some time having cuddles with her crazy aunt, and it was nice to catch up with her in the garden with the sun on our skin for a change as we normally see them over dinner in the evening when its dark! We sadly had to leave earlier than we’d have liked as it was time for Olivia’s dinner, and shortly to be followed by bathtime, bottle and bed! We have such a good baby, her routine may sometimes be a little restrictive, but its fantastic. She is so happy in the day and settles so well at night. Yet again she fell asleep on her bottle and literally had to be just dropped into bed!

I decided that as tonight it was a dry, clear night, it was time to buy a few beers from the shop and get a fire on the go to get rid of the damaged fence panels we had hanging around and some of the larger branches from clearing the garden of bushes. Fire and beer, the ultimate man combination, I just need meat to complete the trio now!

On a completely separate note, I just want to add that I have been following the Stephen Sutton story with great interest. Stephen is a 19 year old guy who discovered he had cancer at just 15 years old is now on his deathbed with just days left, but has devoted his last days to raising £1million for charity. Comedian and bloody nice guy Jason Manford has been supporting this with gusto, and kudos to him for being so behind it, and has raised a massive amount of awareness and taken it to his celebrity buddies to help publicise the cause. This had taken the amount raised by Stephen for the Teenage Cancer Trust from an astonishing £500,000 to a mind boggling £2.1million in around 48 hours!! I can’t lie, I have had to wipe a tear from my eye more than once because of this. A humbling reality check for everyone!

I dedicate todays quote to Stephen!


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