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“Sometimes you will never know the value of something, until it becomes a memory.”


The week continues to roll along at an alarming rate and Wednesday is already upon us! We managed to get the car into our mechanics garage today and after leaving it with him for a while, it was finally back and running properly again. Our mechanic did however point out something I had already observed, but not given much consideration to, the gearbox was starting to get a bit noisy. Its a very slow and gradual thing, and it takes a while before you notice it, and it continues to get louder until we eventually need a new gearbox fitted. The thought of a brand new gearbox doesn’t fill us with any joy, even after the wife is back in full time work, so the other option we can consider is to look into part exchanging the car and getting another one, very tempting!

Id arranged to have some friends over for food this evening and so while the car was still with the mechanic I took at walk up to the local supermarket with Olivia in her pushchair to get a few bits for dinner. I got the call from my mechanic while I was out that the car was ready to be collected and so arranged to pick it up shortly after I’d got home, with the father in law dropping me in to pick it up.

I left Clare to bath Olivia tonight while I set about preparing dinner, my friends surprisingly turned up on time and caught me off guard, dinner was nowhere near ready when they arrived and sadly I hadn’t quite cooked quite enough food, the portions were smaller than I would have likes, but everyone seemed happy enough. It was a lovely evening, although we did have some rather unexpected news from one friend that I can’t really talk about on here, once they’ve shared it with those that need to know first, I’ll be able to go into it a bit more! The news itself has thrown me, not how I expected my wednesday to end up at all.


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