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“Life’s too short to drink cheap wine…”


With the car not completely reliable at the moment, much of today was spent at home, which was fine as we were expecting several visitors. The first was an old work colleague who not only hadn’t I seen for several years, but who also went to school with my wife. What a small world! He gets married next year and has asked me to take the photographs, I’m totally honoured and would love to! Sounds like it will be a fantastic day, I’m really looking forward to it! Our second visitor was our good friend Tracy who popped over in the afternoon with her son. They stayed for a couple of hours, although it never feels long enough when we see them, especially as we don’t see them quite as often at the moment, hopefully we will be able to join them for dinner one night soon as we haven’t seen them properly for a while now. Today was the first day of the holidays that I hadn’t really left the house at all, although the weather wasn’t very inspiring and didn’t do much to encourage me. Not long after Tracy left it was dinner time for Olivia, and then her bath time is almost upon us, then once she’s out its a bottle of milk and then bed time. While she was having her milk, I popped out in the car, although reluctantly, to grab a couple of things to go with dinner. The engine temperature light still came on as soon as I started the engine, as did the engine fan, so I couldn’t go too far, and had to miss my Tuesday night jujitsu class, as the journey is just too far to risk it. I will be taking the car in to the garage tomorrow to see if my mechanic can have a look at it and do anything with it, fingers crossed. If we can get it sorted we have a few people still to visit before the easter holiday is over (where did two weeks go??). We really are running out of days to see people though, and we’re just not going to squeeze everyone in! I was hoping to put a film on tonight, but with the wife already into one of her favourite programmes I couldn’t really, but I still opened up my bottle of red wine to take my mind off the whole council tax issue. I did ring the council tax office today, but as I wasn’t prepared to hand over any cash they became rapidly disinterested in the call and as I wanted to dispute it, they said I should just write in on the back of the letter (you mean send the letter they sent me, back to them with my scribblings on the reverse??). I asked for an email so that I could keep a track of the conversation and what they’d said, the girl on the phone didn’t seem to really care, then she mumbled an email address, and finally when I said I couldn’t understand she mumbled it again. I gave up in the end and googled it after the call, the email address she gave me was no reflection of what was actually on the council website. In the end I managed to get my email typed up, checked it over several times and then sent it off, only to get an autoresponder email back saying that it could take them 2-4 weeks to reply!! I give up, Birmingham City Council, this is in your hands now!

Todays photo was taken between visits while Olivia was in her baby walker but completely transfixed by the tv! It was shot on a 50mm lens wide open at f/1.2, I had Olivia near the window and was crouched with my back to the window so that Olivia was lit up by the light pouring in from the window even though it wasn’t a sunny day. With such a small depth of focus and a moving baby I had to take several shots to make sure I got one that was sharp and in focus.


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