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As banks holidays go, this was a fairly quiet one, the only place we went was for lunch at my mothers. The car was working, although we are still not sure what is wrong with it, and we had a few issues on the way home with the engine temperature gauge giving us cause for concern by showing that the engine was over heating, even though it actually wasn’t. It made for a pretty uncomfortable journey home, although I did keep getting Clare to stop so I could check the engine periodically and make sure the warnings were false!

We stopped to get some food shopping on the way home as we didn’t think our normal food delivery would be working today, being a bank holiday. Normally we opt for the trolley where you can dump the car seat on top, but it appears our little baby has now outgrown that!


With the shopping done it was time to head home and get out unusually grumpy little girl ready for bed, as we had guests coming for dinner and had to cook anyway. That’s not why we put Olivia to bed, it was her normal time, but we wanted to make sure she wasn’t late and getting any more tired! Clare made us a delicious Spaghetti Bolognese, and our guests brought wine, we sat and chatted about life and their upcoming wedding day and my involvement in it with the photography. Unfortunately with all the chit chat going on we didn’t get much chance to discuss the wedding photography, although I will head over to see them a few weeks before the big day with my note pad to go over the final plans and discuss any arrangements with them.

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