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“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”


Sunday morning and time for the F1 Chinese Grand Prix! Olivia was awake too, so I took her downstairs for breakfast and left Clare to have a bit of a lie in! I would have liked to have headed out to watch the race at Après, the bar where Birmingham fans meet up to watch the race together, but with the car not working it wasn’t going to happen this weekend, maybe for the first of the European races in May? As a British fan it was a huge race for Hamilton having his 3rd win in a row, those Mercedes cars are looking mighty, but it was a tough race for Button in his McLaren, yet again they are struggling to keep up. Lets hope they have a bit more luck in Spain! As Hamilton crossed the line to win, I heard a tap on the window, and thankfully my mechanic had turned up. I was very grateful for him coming out on a Sunday, especially Easter Sunday, although after half an hour with his diagnostic machines, we weren’t much further forward as to what the problem was. He had a theory that it was linked to the battery within the key fob, and so I am now waiting on some new batteries to confirm this, fingers crossed!

We did get the car running and went out for lunch with the mother in law, as we had previously planned, as the father in law was out at some convention at the NEC. Olivia was good as gold while we ate, and sat munching on a cucumber even though she was tired. We had a lovely bunny suit for her this morning as it was Easter…
although she wasn’t the biggest fan, maybe she was too hot in it, or tired, or it was too restrictive, but as cute as she looked, it didn’t last very long sadly. We can try again tomorrow when she’s less tired!

After tea and cake at the in laws after we’d got back from lunch, we gave Olivia her milk and let her nap for a while before heading home. All that was left to do was give Olivia her cheesy pasta dinner and dig out the tools to put together a bookcase for her bedroom while Clare was giving her a bath. One baby in bed for 7:30pm! Boom! We have this bedtime routine nailed! Now time to kick back with a beer and settle in to watch Independence Day. I have watched this film many times, but its still a great film, probably one of my Will Smith favourites!

“Now that’s what I call a close encounter.”


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