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“The path of my life is strewn with cow pats from the devil’s own satanic herd!”


In my wisdom I had agreed to run with a work colleague this morning, and even though the car was not starting and the reservoir we were running around was 4 miles away, I still insisted on doing it! The logical option for me, was to suck it in, run there, do a few laps and then run home. It was a bit of a cold grey morning, but the run in was fine and I was nicely warmed up when I got to the reservoir and I pushed my friend to run that bit further, so by the end of it, with the 4 mile run there and the 4.5 miles around the reservoir I’d run 8.5 miles in total. I was feeling good, but not looking forward to the 4 miles home again. Thankfully my friend dropped me most of the way home, so it was only a short walk to the house.

When I got home I was feeling a sense of achievement, I felt good… then I saw this mornings post! A bombshell I wasn’t expecting, the council had written to tell me that, without any room for debate, I owed them £465 in council tax on a property I lived in from 2001! Simply outrageous, I have never owed council tax in my life, and just how do you find proof 13 years on?? I am not even with the same bank any more! It has made me so angry, how can someone just send you a letter saying you owe them money from so long ago and not even give you a chance to argue the case. I know I paid them, I know I did! My only line of defence as far as they are concerned, was if I didn’t live there at the dates they specified, which they clearly know I did or they wouldn’t have written to me! This saga is to be continued, hence todays title!

I tried not to let this mornings news ruin my day as there is not much I can do with it this side of the weekend, in fact not until Tuesday as it is a bank holiday on monday, but I still had to sit around stewing over it as the car was waiting for my mechanic to come and fix it, so we couldn’t go anywhere. The wife did take Olivia for a walk to see her nan though, and I took the chance to get my head down and grab an hours nap, a late night and an 8.5 mile run will do that to you! It was much needed and I felt better after it, although it took me a while to come round from it. I spent a little while in the greenhouse making sure everything was watered and coming along nicely, as I am due to transfer some of it to the allotment tomorrow afternoon, and have a whole lot of new seeds shooting up too. Eventually, it was bathtime for Olivia, and daddy was in charge of arranging bathtime and getting her dried and ready for bed. Its one of those things that feels like it is going to be a whole lot of work until you actually get up and just do it, and its actually quite enjoyable and over surprisingly quickly!

After bathtime and bottle it was time for Olivia to hit the sack, and after a text message from Dave about a few quick pints up the pub, I figured “why not?!”. We’ve put the world to rights and chewed the fat, now its time for bed!


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