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“Like a flower, we blossom when the conditions are right.”


Friday morning I was lucky enough to be blessed with a visit from my good friend Alan, who I featured in a post last May about him leaving to follow his dream in Australia. This week he returned to the UK for an unspecified length of time, although is ultimately hoping to head back out to spend a few years in New Zealand. It was lovely to catch up, listen to some of his stories and look at a few of the many photographs he’d taken and grab a spot of lunch with him. He got to see the house at last, as the last time he was here we were still stripping the old wallpaper and the house was a far cry from what it is now. Plus he also got to meet Olivia, as Clare was still 6 months pregnant when he left. I know he was sad to have missed her birth and christening, but fingers crossed he may still be around for her 1st birthday. After a few hours he had to say goodbye as he had several other people to visit, and we were due to go out for our nephews 6th birthday party. Usually we are a few minutes late leaving for most things, it takes a while to get used to taking a baby with you and everything they need, but today we were ready on time, it was a miracle… only to find that the pesky car refused to start! Battery was fine, oil was fine, water and petrol were fine, but it was having none of it. Thankfully the in-laws were just around the corner and hadn’t left yet, so we hitched a lift with them after I called my mechanic and arranged for him to pop over and look at it the following day. It was a standard kids party with lots of cake fuelled hyperactive children, and we did try Olivia in the ball pool again, although she really doesn’t like them much!


We were dropped home in time to start the dinner before my sister and her boyfriend came round for a bite to eat. They were running a bit late and I didn’t think they’d get to see much of Olivia, but I think her teeth were playing her up and she was just playing with her milk bottle and stayed awake long enough to see them for a while. Clare made a great chilli, and we sat down after it to put a film on, although it came as no surprise that Clare couldn’t stay awake until the end of it. Sadly I was starting to struggle myself, and couldn’t keep my eyes open. After my sister and her boyfriend left, I attempted to work on the photo and blog and promptly fell asleep, and so after a very short nap, gave up and went to bed!

Todays photo was from the blossom tree right outside our house, it flowers once a year and looks absolutely amazing, but sadly only lasts a week or two before all the petals fall off, so it was my mission to try and capture it. Thankfully our front lawn is slightly raised and allowed me to get quite close to it. I also wanted to make sure I got some of the blue sky in the shot rather than any of the surrounding houses or more of the tree!


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