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“That feeling when its getting late and you don’t have a photo for the day!”


Yes there are definitely some days when I can sit for what feels like hours trying to choose which photo I am going to use for the day, and then there are days like today where I can sit watching the minute hour tick by without a single ounce of inspiration for what I am actually going to photograph. The only photo I took today was of Olivia, as I am trying to get at least (or close to) a photo a day of her, so I can try to put together some kind of photo book or collage of her first year for when her birthday swings around. I will not be using a photo of Olivia everyday, as gorgeous as she is, it doesn’t really test me or make me push myself like I intended this project to. Getting a photograph wasn’t really at the forefront of my mind today, my mission was to spend some time in the garden and make a dent on removing the bushes that needed to be dug up. My long term plan is to remove all the dreary looking shrubbery from the garden and replace it with brightly coloured flowers. I thought it was going to take a lot longer to clear the borders of the garden, but I’ve made a considerable dent today and I feel much better about what is still left to do. Clare took Olivia out and went shopping with her mom, which left me to get on with the garden without any distractions. So with my headphones on I got my head down and pushed on with it, although things slowed down when Clare and Olivia arrived back from the shops, as by this time I was shattered! It was time to feed Olivia and get our dinner on, swiftly followed by bath time for the little princess who was now starting to get very tired. After the bath it was bottle time, followed by bed time, although as regularly happens lately, she fell asleep on the bottle before she even finished it, and so was whisked swiftly off to bed. Overall, not the most exciting of days, but one of those days where jobs just needed to be done, and there is no point whinging about it, just get on with it!

I. Am. Shattered!

Off to bedfordshire for me!

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