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“A picnic is more than a meal, its a state of mind.”


The weather forecast was to suggest that this would be the best day of the week, with temperatures dropping again after today. Clare was meeting up with some of the antenatal moms again, and I was joining them today as it isn’t really a girls day out as such, just that the other dads are at work and I happened to be off. We were meeting them in Stratford-Upon-Avon around midday which meant we didn’t have to rush to get ready, although we still ended up leaving late as Olivia wanted to nap when we should have been dressing her. It did give me a chance to get out into the greenhouse and plant a few more seeds and make sure everything was watered, considering that it could get quite hot in there if we were to expect a decent amount of sunshine today. If all goes well and we have some half decent weather this year, and our efforts aren’t destroyed by caterpillars or birds, then we will have quite an impressive crop of fruit and vegetables by the end of the year, and without wanting to sound old before my time, I am actually quite excited to see what we can produce! With the greenhouse taken care of and Olivia finally up and dressed, it was time to head out and meet the other girls. Unfortunately as we were running a little late, we opted for the motorway to get us there slightly quicker, although this was by comparison a much less interesting route and the amount of people that simply did not know how to drive properly was frightening!!

The girls had sent Clare a text describing where to find them which was particularly accurate and we found them in next to no time after we’d parked. It was a lovely little spot next to the river, partially shaded by a tree and it was great to see the other babies who are all growing up so fast, and one of them is even starting to crawl, a frightening prospect! It really is lovely to think that less than a year ago we were all sat around in a circle, getting to know each other and learning about the joys of pregnancy, childbirth and looking after babies, and feeling especially apprehensive about what lay ahead of us, and now here we all are with beautiful toddlers and still in touch with each other and meeting up regularly. Some people I know have surprisingly said that they haven’t seen any of the other couples they met in antenatal classes since before their baby was born, which I find a little sad as for us the whole point of the classes was to meet people in a similar situation to ourselves and actually make friends with them! We were very lucky to have met such a fantastic bunch of people and have enjoyed catching up with them time and time again. Today not all the mothers could make it, but we all had a lovely afternoon by the river and enjoyed some fish and chips and watching the babies interacting with each other. We had taken Olivia’s lunch with us and some snacks and a drink for her, but as she is eating more food and drinking less milk, which was a main source of hydration for her, we now have to try and replace the milk with water to keep her hydrated. Getting her to drink from a cup is still in its early stages, but we’re getting there and she is trying, although still having three bottles of milk a day anyway. With her two bottom teeth coming through, she loves chewing on cucumber at the moment, it is cool on her gums, tasty and gives her chance to practise biting off bits of food! After we had our lunch and gave the babies theirs, we set off on a walk up the river to the church where Shakespeares grave can be found. Considering how famous William Shakespeare was, it was surprisingly quiet in there. Clare and I soon realised that our parking ticket only had about 20 minutes left on it and we needed to think about heading back to the car, we said our good byes and headed home. On the way back we stopped in to see my mom for a couple of hours as she hasn’t seen Olivia since mothers day, she was feeling a little under the weather so it cheered her up a lot! Olivia was finally starting to get tired though, and it was soon time to head home where Olivia was fed her final bottle and in bed in no time, and we could sit down for some dinner, delicious gammon, egg and home made potato wedges!

Being Wednesday night I popped out for an hour to see friends, and was home again at a reasonable time. Its so nice to not have work in the morning!


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