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“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”


Todays quote, patience, I sometimes feel like I have quite a lot of it, some days though, usually when I am tired and/or hungry, I seem to have none of it. Today I have needed patience, especially with some people more than others. The day didn’t start exactly as I’d planned to highlight my point, after stopping by the Royal Mail Sorting Office to collect some parcels I missed, I made an hour long round trip to a friends house to collect something, only to find they weren’t in, even after saying “come over and collect it in the morning!”. Harumph!

Things quickly picked up at midday when we headed out to see our friends Kat & Andy, who are Olivia’s godparents, along with their two boys. We met at Pizza Express for lunch, and had some lovely food, Andy and myself naturally opting for the spiciest pizza they had, before moving on to the National Sealife Centre a short walk away. Originally we’d debated the sealife centre option, as its entrance fee is simply extortionate for the length of time you can actually realistically spend in there and what they actually have to see. Its certainly no Seaworld! Thankfully Kat & Andy had annual passes which allowed them to buy guest tickets at significantly discounted prices and we were very glad to have not paid full price to get in, as even taking a very slow, leisurely amble around, stopping to look at all we could, we were still done in only an hour and a half! We had to say goodbye to Kat & Andy so we could head home to feed our relevant babies. I had a little time to spare where I managed to get a load more seeds planted and in the greenhouse, if we have some good weather and a bit of luck then we could have a really good harvest in a few months time. So far we have growing, carrots, onions, leeks, tomatoes, chillies, pumpkin, butternut squash, broccoli, cauliflower, parsnips, beetroot, salad leaves, sweetcorn and a bunch of herbs, and we can’t forget the potatoes which are already planted on the allotment! I am really looking forward, not only to the sense of achievement, but also a whole bunch of really tasty food (it does taste better when you grow your own!) and also being able to feed Olivia with something truly organic that we’ve grown ourselves!

This evenings jujitsu session went well, the hour flew by, and we got to pick up our new belts which puts me at the first stage of brown belt, meaning I have completed a percentage of the syllabus for this belt. To get the full brown belt, I have a few more things to achieve on the syllabus which is known as the 1st Kyu which is the highest level of belt before moving onto the black belt dan grades. Each martial art has a slightly different grading system, and in jujitsu we start with white belt for beginners and after a couple of months, move onto the yellow belt, 6th kyu, then working our way up through the colours from 5th kyu (orange) through to 1st kyu. My current ranking is 1st Kyu shoden, signifying I have yet to achieve the full belt, which could be months away, and almost certainly won’t be this year. It could easily be another 2-3 years before I am considered ready to go for black belt, as the gaps between each belt gets greater as you progress up through them! I guess you could also look at this as being ultimately patient!


On the way home a phone call proved to be my final and most trying test of patience, and although I am not going to go into details, whilst living with depression is one thing, dealing with people close to you who have it can also be hugely difficult and testing. Its not always easy for everyone to understand it, and often people don’t. Those with depression can be seen as difficult, or spiteful, even intentionally awkward, when in reality they have no more control over this than an old person with dementia does over what they can remember! It has made for a difficult few days though and having to think carefully about what I say and how I say it. Some days are worse than others, some days you’d never even know it was there, but knowing when to spot the signs is key to being able to react appropriately and not just flying off the handle in response to certain comments. Easier said than done, but patience really does make all the difference.


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