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“The first half of our lives is ruined by our parents, the second half by our children.”


The weekend of birthday celebrations continues, today it was for the father-in-law who turns 65 tomorrow, and we were going out to meet Clare’s parents and her brother with his wife and children for lunch at a lovely carvery pub in a quiet little village. The pub I’d been too once before, and it is a lovely place with fantastic food, and some very friendly staff, they really made a difference. The sun even came out for us today and shone down on us, although it would have been nice if it was a little warmer, but it was still far more cheerful than the grey, dull weekends we’re more often used to, even though suggesting that summer is still a way off yet! After eating we all went back to the in-laws house, with me and Clare stopping off at home to pick up the surprise cake that Clare had made for her dad!IMG_4420

I made sure to take lots of photos today, especially as Olivia got to see her two cousins again, with one of them being the most recent addition to the family, which is why I picked a photo of the three of them as my photo of the day! We enjoyed a few hours there, and eventually headed home as it was nearing Olivias dinner time, on top of which me had my sisters other half coming over at 6pm to quote us on new fence panels and post as I didn’t realise he does landscape gardening and the fitting of fence panels. He may or may not be cheaper than anyone else, but I’d rather give the money to someone I know over someone I don’t know! When he had gone, I promised my friend Dave I’d join him and help him on the allotment for a while and so made the five minute walk round there, rather than being lazy and taking the car. We managed to get some strawberries and several rows of potatoes down, and I have a number of things still growing in the green house that will soon be ready for planting out! Hopefully we’ll have a nice bumper crop of fast, free and organic vegetables nearer the winter! The next thing to be taken from the greenhouse and planted on the allotment will be the peas, beans and the brussel sprouts which will hopefully be ready in time for this years xmas dinner!

Right, I am off to the land of nod and will be making sure to turn my alarm off too! Good night all!


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