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“Planting a flower’s like opening a book, because either way you’re starting something. And your garden’s your library.”


Nothing feels as good as a Saturday morning… well, unless you count a Saturday morning when you’ve gone to bed on the Friday night at a sensible time and having not had several beers, very much unlike my Friday night as it happens! So not surprisingly I woke up instantly regretting staying up late, especially as my now very awake daughter was reminding me that a Saturday morning lie in was well and truly out of the question! I do sometimes like some bacon and sausage on a Saturday, I can’t lie, I sometimes think that’s what Saturday mornings were invented for, but after last nights mexican I wasn’t quite ready for that yet, and having had porridge all through the winter, I just couldn’t handle another bowl of it. The weather outside was mild, and it wasn’t raining, so in an effort to wake myself up a bit I thought I’d take a walk to the local shop to grab some cornflakes instead!

Just before midday we set out for the city centre to meet some friends for lunch, my two school friends Andrew & Richard and their respective wives and daughters, at the new Birmingham library, which has quite a controversial exterior, some people likening it to a wedding cake! We turned up a little early so that we could feed Olivia in the cafe before the others arrived. The cafe, considering the amount of money spent on the library, appeared to be a somewhat overlooked feature of the library. There wasn’t a great deal on the menu, and there were nowhere near enough chairs for people to sit on, so we gave up on lunch at the library and headed to a local family friendly bar for some food. After we’d eaten we headed back to the library for a walk around, as we were in the area anyway it seemed a shame to not have a look round it. One of the features of the new library was the rooftop view across the city on the top floor, and just below that on the 7th floor, the secret garden.

It was a little windy, but warm enough to head outside to we took a little walk around the rooftop garden, which felt a little surreal, but made for a very pleasant experience. On the way out, the interior of the library looked equally impressive.


When we were done we all took a walk down to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery as they have a much better cafe where we could sit and chat over some coffee and cake for a while. It was a very relaxed, civilised afternoon, and great to see our friends.

We made sure we were home in time to feed Olivia, and give her a bath before bed, as we may not have much time tomorrow morning before we are up and out for an early lunch with the in-laws. She has been such a good girl today, we couldn’t have asked for a better baby! Right now I am off to meet another school friend, my good mate Dave, its his birthday today and it would be rude not to have a few pints with him, but I’d better move, I’m running late!

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