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“Isn’t it nice when things just work”


Its finally here… Friday arrives at last!

What a day it has been too… the kids must have sensed us dropping our guard and just decided to give us a day to remember, plus I have scars to prove it! I managed to make the journey to and from work on my bike as well, but boy did my legs let me know about it on the way home!

I had just over an hour to rest and spend with Olivia and Clare, as I was due to go out this evening and spend a few hours with work friends and was being picked up. We had a table booked at a mexican restaurant, and our class teacher was also turning 30 this weekend. We enjoyed some lovely food an had a great evening, but as I was the only one drinking out of the five of us, it wasn’t an especially late night.


We had a lovely time and I was even home a lot earlier than I had planned, so I decided to take a quick walk to the local One-Stop for a few beers and a weekend crisp treat for Clare as she has been avoiding all the snack foods all week It didn’t take long before I was on my own though as Clare being the early-to-bed kind couldn’t stay up or keep her eyes open. I knew I wanted to get this blog finished and be off to bed, but damn it, they put The Bourne Identity on tv, and although I already own the trilogy boxset on Blu-Ray, I had to stay up and watch it! One thing I did do before Clare went off to bed was capture tonights photo, a not especially exciting shot of the moon partially obscured by a tree, but what I did want to capture was the halos around the moon. I think the general consensus is that light high level cloud is the most likely cause! I tried my best to capture it, although in the end I had to play around with it for a little while in photoshop to try and bring out the contrast!

Better luck tomorrow!


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