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“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”


Tuesday was about one thing for me today, the hour between 7pm & 8pm, tonight was grading night in the Jujitsu dojo and I was hoping to be successful in gaining my next belt. I was feeling a bit nervous today and had been working on a few different techniques that I needed to nail. After hotfooting it home from work, I managed to get to the sports centre early for a bit of last minute practise, but when the clock rolled around to 7pm, we were then being observed. An early injury after getting kicked in the knee was not what I needed, but thankfully I was back on my feet after a few minutes. Not exactly Karate Kid, as were weren’t fighting, but it was still painful! On the grading, me and a friend were working together, he had joined a few weeks after me and was going for the same belt. We managed to get through it and make it to the end of the session helping each other out a bit here and there, and after waiting for the final verdict at the end, were super pleased to have got our next belt, brown belt stage 1. Our next grading will be for he full brown belt, and will probably not be until after christmas now, but it feels really good to have come this far, and been successful at each grading event up to this point. Its tough, and there is a lot to remember, so the new belt means a lot when it is awarded to us along with our next certificate! The one downside of tonight is the fact that I didn’t get much time to spend with my daughter, I was only home for about 15 minutes before I had to leave tonight, if I was going to get into the dojo early to practise. By the time I got home she was in bed and fast asleep. Its not ideal, but it is just one night, and I will get plenty of time with her next week when I am off work, and without the pressure of tonights grading looming over me. I don’t think the easter holidays will be all plain sailing as I will probably have to do some work preparing for some training I will have to deliver on the first day back. I normally spend a bit of time after work doing a bit towards it, but didn’t get much chance tonight as there was a meeting to discuss courses and career development, which was interesting, and then I had to make sure I was ready to jump on the bike and out on time. Now it is time to slow down and relax a bit, I came home to a delicious chinese chicken stir fry made lovingly by the wife, which we often have on a Tuesday as I enjoy them so much and they are easy for the wife to cook and me to reheat when I get back. I guess I had better make the most of being cooked for, as it will soon go back to being the other way around again in a few weeks when the wife goes back to work.  I guess the conversations about baby no.2 will soon be happening again then, I know the idea of work is not one that fills her with delight! Its just a shame I enjoy my work more than her, I’d give up work and be a stay at home dad at the drop of a hat! For now though we can make the most of having two incomes for the time being, as we have some fantastic parents who will be providing a free nursery service for us. I’m not sure how that will work when no.2 arrives as this means Clare’s parents will go from having just the one grandchild, to then having four grandchildren if we have our second child. I think at that point, one of us may have to consider some time off work! We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it though. Who knows, we may even win some money between now and then, I have given up on the National Lottery and signed up for the People’s Postcode Lottery instead, the prizes aren’t as big, but people seem to be winning more often. It can’t hurt to try, plus its by direct debit, so you don’t have to keep going back and buying a ticket!

At least I can crawl into bed now knowing the alarm clock will only be going off three more times before the holidays. It doesn’t necessarily mean much of a lie in, but I’d sooner be woken by my daughter at any time, than the alarm clock! Those early morning smiles just can’t be beaten! I just hope we have a bit of dry weather for the rest of the week for me to cycle in! People keep talking about the 6 weeks of early summer we have ahead of us, although I only actually found this reported in the Daily Star, which is essentially a newspaper for people with an IQ under 50 and as reliable for information as “the bloke down the pub”! When I am lay out in the back garden with my shorts and flip flops on, THEN I’ll believe the weather reports. For now, I am keeping hoodies and jumpers on standby!

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