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“I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny, but we can have lots of good fun that is funny.”


So the damn cough hasn’t shifted and neither has the cold, but at least I didn’t keep the wife awake with my hacking last night! I peaked through the curtains when I got up and the weather this morning was miserable, and so, as Clare was staying at home today, my decision was made to abandon the bike and take the car. I did manage a slow 20 minutes when I got to work on the cross-trainer in the gym this morning, which was fine, just to prove to myself that I wasn’t going to be beaten by germs! I felt a bit disappointed that I didn’t cycle, but the body needs a chance to fix itself.

The day at work was a little chaotic, and I was quite glad when it was over and I was on my way home. Clare obviously hadn’t been out anywhere, as I’d taken the car, and as usual our Asda shopping was delivered, which Clare is totally enjoying now. Food shopping online is the way forward, no more fighting for a parking space or waiting in queues, or dumping heavy bags in the car, and even seeing the total at the till and not knowing quite how you spent so much! Thankfully, with our food planner, shocking spends at the supermarket have pretty much disappeared. We also had an amazon delivery, the new adaptor for our video baby monitor as the previous adaptor has become frayed, and is now a fire hazard with the copper wire exposed. Its a great baby monitor, but very disappointing for only 3 months use! Quite frustratingly, we bought it particularly early as the price had gone down at the time, even though we knew we wouldn’t need it for a while, and when I contacted amazon to report it as being faulty, they essentially gave me the finger! Disappointing considering the circumstances.

On getting home I was presented with a very tired little Olivia who is now starting to struggle a bit in the evening as she seems to be napping less during the day. It wasn’t quite bedtime, but we did have time for me to give her a bath so we can actually spend a bit of time together before she goes to bed. After getting her dried and dressed, it was time for a bottle from mommy and then off to bed where I read her some more of a story. Even with the milk and the story we were all done for 8pm, which really isn’t bad going. I speak to so many parents with babies almost Olivia’s age, and some even older, who are only just starting to experience their baby sleeping through the night.

Sadly I have ended the night with a rather frustrating phone call, that I don’t want to go into detail about, but needless to say after being hung up on during a disagreement, it has left me feeling like walking outside and kicking the nearest cat! Not that it was the cats fault, and not that I’d actually go outside and do that, but wow… sometimes people really do know how to push my patience to the limit!


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