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“Elephants and grandchildren never forget.”


5am isn’t any time to be up on a Sunday morning, but having to go into the bathroom to have a coughing fit only serves to make you feel even worse. Thankfully I managed to get back to sleep, but this pollution we experienced has done me no favours, and now I have a cold that has come on too! The worst thing about this coughing is knowing that it is also keeping the wife awake, and aside from sleeping on the sofa, there isn’t much I can do about it. Still, on a plus point, neither of us heard Olivia until 8am this morning, which really feels like we had a lie in! There really is nothing like seeing that beaming smile first thing in the morning to make you forget that its early on a Sunday morning and being up at this time on any other Sunday before you had children would have just seemed bonkers! Today we were being treated to lunch with the in-laws, which meant no cooking or rushing to the shops for the inevitable last minute ingredients we’d forgotten when shopping. For some reason we plan most of our weekday meals, but never seem to give much consideration to the weekend. We even took home a friends idea and I created a meal planner so that we can make sure any meat we need is defrosted for the following day, and when we go shopping we always get what we need for the week. It also helped us to stop wasting money at the supermarket on things we knew we weren’t going to need. Our weekly spend went down slightly, and now we hardly ever throw food out. Yet we still generally fail on a Sunday. It was grey and cloudy outside, but didn’t feel especially cold, so we took a walk round to the in-laws and had lunch with them. I needed to be home by 3pm for the F1 Bahrain Grand Prix, qualifying had proved very interesting, and I was especially looking forward to this race. Historically Bahrain has tended to be one of the less exciting circuits on the calendar, but that all changed today, as it became one of the most exciting races I had seem for a while! I had considered going out to Aprés to watch it with some other F1 fans, but the father in law seemed keen to see the race too, so we left the ladies there and went to watch it at our house with a couple of beers. The wife is very patient, and doesn’t complain about all the commentary before or after the race as she knows I don’t watch much tv and she appreciates that its only once every couple of weeks as I’m not into football or anything like that. This afternoon we had a few tears from Olivia, although its a tricky time to work out exactly what is causing them. She has recently been napping much less, and still gets tired, but just not enough to nap, on top of which she has teeth now coming through. So it could be a combination of being tired and sore gums, and possibly not even going down for naps BECAUSE her gums are sore! Either way, a small dose of Calpol settled her enough to get through dinner, a quick bath and a bottle before bed. Monday morning looms ahead, and with the forecast suggesting rain and my cough not going anywhere, I am really not looking forward to Monday this week, although thankfully its the last Monday before I have two weeks off work! I just hope the weather allows us to get out and do things, I really want to make the most of this time as Clare doesn’t have that long left before she is back to work. The summer holidays are going to be lovely, spending all that time with Olivia, but I’ll be doing it on my own by that point!


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