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“Happy 7 months old to my little girl!”


Seven months have gone already, in the blink of an eye, and it only seems like last week we were celebrating six months! Today we had other celebrations to attend to though, Olivia’s first ever party, the first birthday of the daughter of a friend whose journey I have been blessed to follow and photograph, from their wedding day to their bump photo, newborn, christening and now their daughters first birthday. Such a lovely couple too, and it was nice to see them and some other couples they know whose weddings I have photographed. The day was cloudy with showers, which was a real shame as they’d had a teddy bears picnic themed party, with most of it outside. We were running late this morning, with madam wanting an extended nap, but managed to get there by 1pm and stay for an hour, and while we were there managed to grab a few bites of food and a cup of tea. We had to be home for 2:30pm though as we had friends coming to visit, my old school friend Andrew and his lovely wife and two little girls. Its always great to see them, but it never feels like we’ve had long enough to catch up. It was only a short visit today though as we’re seeing them next weekend when we meet one of our other old school friends Richard and his wife and new daughter, and hopefully getting to see the new Birmingham library too as neither of us have been yet. Funny how we’ve all known each other for so long and all managed to hold off until our late 30’s to have children! What hasn’t been so funny has been my constant coughing all afternoon as the big feature in the news this week was pollution, and my cycling to and from work and heavy breathing while I attack the hills are something I can do little about. The weather warnings all told us this was going to happen and be with us for a couple of days, local pollution and pollution drifting in from Europe combined with sand blowing in from the Sahara desert. The visual effect was a smog obviously covering the big cities, followed by the sand deposited on the cars. It can’t have been good to have breathed it all in, but now it has blown away, and people can venture out of their houses again, and start breathing the air with confidence!

Todays photo was taken in the garden through the kitchen window, a couple of birds had decided to put their feet up and relax, having a good mill around by the pond. Eventually one jumped up onto the nearby fence, and I caught this shot of him has he was just about to take off. You can even make out the rain rolling off his back!

Unfortunately this blog is currently interrupting my beer and The Godfather on netflix, which I am only an hour into, and still have two hours left, and so I am off to continue watching it!


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