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“The difference between genius and stupidity is; genius has its limits.”


Friday couldn’t come soon enough, woke up feeling truly exhausted, my poor little legs were really feeling the combination of cycling and running. I had made the decision to not run this morning, and was wavering on the cycling if I’m honest, but I figured that I needed to burn some calories off at least and so left for work on two pedal powered wheels. At work this morning we were having a charity breakfast in aid of cystic fybrosis, where staff turn up for hot food, tea and coffee, fruit juice etc and make a donation to the charity. One of my best friends has a three year old boy with CF and his wife happens to visit our school on a fairly regular basis on HR business, so she was there this morning too. A bacon bap and a cup of tea were a nice way to start Friday. The colleague I was supposed to be in the gym with was a little annoyed that I didn’t turn up, but I apologised and i’ll be back on it Monday.

The ride home felt especially difficult and my legs were ready to give up, although it made pulling onto the drive feel so much more satisfying. Our little lady was clearly tired, but seems to be napping much less the last couple of weeks, and putting her into her cot and reading some more of the Wind In The Willows to her seemed to make little difference and so bathtime and a bottle it was and we soon fixed that.

I did find a little time to check out what was happening in the greenhouse and do some watering as I’d not had much chance the last few days, looks like everything is coming along nicely.




We have plenty growing, tomatoes, chillies, carrots, pumpkins, broccoli, cauliflower, brussell sprouts, onions, squash and salad. I just hope we have some warmer weather ahead of us, I cant wait to see some of these flourish in the allotment, and end up feeding them to my daughter! Lets just hope the wet start we’ve had to the year passes by and allows a bit of sunshine through. Olivia is trying all sorts of things at the moment and is eating really well, although the one thing we have become aware of through the Annabel Karmel range of books that had been recommended to us, was to make sure we gave Olivia the widest choice of food possible so that she doesn’t get used to eating the same thing over and over again and being a fussy eater (I guess like I was growing up really)!

This evening after dinner, we ended up putting a film on, our latest Lovefilm-by-post delivery, World War Z! I had been looking forward to watching this for a while, and sat down with the wife, who I hoped would stay awake. It turns out that her staying awake wasn’t going to be a problem at all. For me, this was a Brad Pitt film, with a bit more blood and violence, but still highly enjoyable… Clare on the other hand may as well have been a six year old watching Nightmare On Elm St for the first time, she was absolutely beside herself with terror. I simply couldn’t understand it, although as a film about a virus turning mankind into zombies and killing each other, it did of course present the perfect opportunity to hide and jump out on Clare as she came back downstairs from the bathroom. There was some stifled screaming and much muttered swear words on exactly what she thought of me! It was totally worth it though!! Yeah I know, it was mean, and karmas a bitch! After the film we heard Olivia crying, although we had to go up and check as our baby video monitor is currently out of use, the charger has randomly died on us and become a fire hazard. Thankfully eBay provide a reasonably priced and equally useable one and with a bit of luck it’ll be here by tomorrow, Monday at the latest!


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