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“… millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.”


Thanks for the feedback on bedtime routines, I am pleased to say that we had a night of unbroken sleep last night, and we were very grateful for it, even if we can’t guarantee we will get the same tonight. Olivia seems very unsettled at the moment, obviously her teeth and gums are giving her some problems. Her first two teeth have well and truly broken through now, and I can imagine her gums are quite sore with all the teeth that are right behind following along. She’s not herself and isn’t napping in the day properly, and we are struggling to even get her in her cot without screaming and tears at times. Previously we haven’t had much need to administer calpol and wouldn’t want to without good reason anyway, but the last two times we did she was asleep in under ten minutes. This afternoon I came home from work to a weary looking wife who had clearly tried hard yet unsuccessfully to get our poor little girl to sleep, and it was the least I could do to have a go and at least managed to settle her a bit, but hadn’t quite got her off to sleep. We decided to give the calpol a try, as it is hard to work out what the crying is actually for, and we were honestly just assuming it was teething, but low and behold, five minutes later she was asleep in my arms! Result!

I didn’t have long at home as I was reminded at work that I had put my name down to attend at talk at a local school this evening, which I’d forgot all about. A local man with Aspergers syndrome was giving a presentation on life with autism, and as it is something I work with each day I decided to head down. It was very interesting, and only lasted and hour and a half, so although I had plans for the evening it didn’t cause too much of an issue, although I didn’t get to spend as much time at home with Olivia before she went to bed. Afterwards I had to head over to see one of my sisters to drop a birthday card and present off for my niece. I didn’t have as long as I would have liked to stay, but I did have time for a cup of tea while we had a quick catch up. The heavens opened while I was there, and on the way home I pulled over to grab a quick snap while stood under an umbrella. I could have done more with this photo, but time was against me, I knew Olivia would be asleep in bed, but I hadn’t seen much of the wife today. I guess some days are just like that, at least we have the easter holidays coming up soon, two weeks off work for me to spend with both of them. I only hope we have a little bit of nice weather for a few days out, its not too much to ask for!

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