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“Its all about the detail”


Last night was the second night in a row of being woken at 4am by a crying baby that wouldn’t settle again for over an hour. No obvious reason for waking up, no obvious reason for crying. All I could hear through the baby monitor was the laughs as she was picked up by the wife, so after being put down and starting to cry again for about the third time, I had to suggest to the wife that she just didn’t go back in as it really didn’t seem to be helping. Eventually the crying stopped, silence resumed, and I could get back to sleep!

Feeling less than enthusiastic I dragged myself out of bed early and managed to cycle to work AND make it to the gym for a 30 minute run before work. Its a great start to the day, but can leave you low on energy by the end of the day, although that feeling kicked in much earlier in the day for me. I am just hoping we don’t have a repeat performance tonight and I can catch up on a bit of sleep!

A delicious dinner was waiting for me when I got home tonight, but after eating, I had to try to resolve a few family issues and as a by-product also managing to create an extra one, and so I was feeling a bit disheartened. I tried to forget about it all for tonight and took Olivia up for her bedtime bath, shortly followed by her bottle and then bed. Its a routine we have got into, and not forced upon Olivia, but that she has decided herself. I went to visit my friends after Olivia went down, as I often do on a Wednesday and we discussed routine, although they are not quite so in favour of it, preferring the “flexibility of being able to do things in the evening”. I can totally see their point, and of course it would be nice to just jump up and go and have food and drinks in the evening with friends, but for us we’ve agreed that the routine is important, setting ourselves up for (hopefully, when she’s not teething) trouble free nights in the future and a child that settles well in the evening. I’m not going to doubt my friends, they may have something that works for them, after all, all babies are different and we have been incredibly lucky with Olivia and her sleeping routines, all we want to try and do is encourage that, to keep the routine as she moves from baby into toddler and then into child. Time will tell as to whether we’ve got it right or not, but this whole parenting game certainly isn’t as easy as it looks! What are your thoughts on bedtime routines?

Todays photo, before I forget, was the detail on the trunk of a tree, taken at the edge of a hotel car park near to the main road I was cycling on, where I stopped to take off my jacket as I was starting to get very warm, and happened to spot this. The Sony NEX7 I used has an interesting HDR Painting effect on one of the settings, and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I think this seemed to work!


3 thoughts on “92.365”

  1. I would like to make a suggestion.
    Would it be possible to make a plan for how long your baby will cry before you go in to soothe? Often 15 minutes is more than enough to do the trick. It is also important for you and your wife to come to a joint decision. Agreeing to agree to a plan is essential for parental unity which is the foundation for years of effective child rearing.
    1. agree to a plan
    2. time how long your baby requires to go back to sleep
    3. keep records

    Please let me know your thoughts.
    I do love your photo too 🙂


  2. You seem to do what I did, sometimes let the little one cry…little old fashioned to some but effective. It’s not cruel or mean in the slightest :).

    May I ask how your Nan is? Please don’t feel you have to reply .

    Really do think you sound a lovely little family and of course your little girl gets her looks from her mother 🙂 Those eyes!


    1. I’m so sorry, I forgot to reply to you, how very rude of me! My nan isn’t doing too bad and is home again now. She needs a bit of help at home and they didn’t want to send her home until that was in place. I’ll be going round to see her soon!


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