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91.365 Naaaaahhhhh!!

Okay I’ve been rumbled, i’m totally not giving this up at all!


Okay, it was a weak attempt at an April Fools prank, and I am still going to be carrying on this journal. My plan at the very least is to capture the entire journey from bump to Olivia’s first birthday. I know I have included a lot of photos of Olivia, and I can’t apologise for that, my little princess gets more beautiful with each day and nothing makes me happier than capturing the changes day by day. So many people have joked about her being the most photographed baby ever, and while that isn’t exactly true, I can’t lie that I do take a lot of photos, but in my defence, I never tire of looking back on them at how she has changed so much in such a short space of time. It may come from the fact that I have so few photos of myself growing up, it was clear that my dad was obviously the photographer, and my mother wasn’t too good with a camera, so when they split up, the number of photos of me drastically reduced. It does make me a little sad, but it is what it is, and I can’t change it. It does reinforce the need for me to keep capturing photos of everything, the little details, and record them in this blog too. I do wonder, will I be looking back on this in years to come, and bringing back all the memories of things we’d forgotten about, I’d certainly like to think so. I’d love to be able to share Olivias time growing up with her when she’s older, and on the subject of the little madam, I was quite pleased to be in bed an hour earlier than usual, but was a little surprised to be woken up by crying at 3:45am as its very unusual to hear Olivia crying much, especially for no obvious reason in the middle of the night. Its a hard call to make, when she stops crying as soon as she’s picked up and starts again when she’s put down. It could be that she just wanted the attention, but its so unlike her. My guess is that her teething woke her up and she just wanted comforting, which you can’t argue with really. It’s not like we’re always giving in to her and teaching her bad habits, as long as this doesnt happen on a regular basis. Hopefully tonight we’ll sleep straight through. So this morning, after Olivia kept us awake for an hour and a half during the night, I was feeling like I was starting the day running on uncharged batteries, on top of which I think I’d picked some germs up from somewhere which really didn’t help. I was a little concerned as tonight was my last session of jujitsu training ahead of next weeks grading for my next belt, and also I am getting back on the treadmill tomorrow morning! A 30 minute bike ride followed by 30 minutes running before I start my work day takes a certain amount of energy and commitment, so I need to catch up on some rest and build my energy back up. I wasn’t the only one suffering of course, the wife was also exhausted as she’d tried to comfort Olivia last night, in an attempt to stop her from waking me up. Normally when I get home from jujitsu, dinner is often waiting for me, but tonight I knew she was to tired, and so chinese take away it was. After eating I had to pop back to asda to get a few supplies, and came across two kinds of people that I really can’t stand, firstly the couple being stopped on the way out by security for clearly stealing, I have no time for people who steal as its regular people who suffer, and then as I was leaving there was the group of young girls who essentially stuck two fingers up to all disabled people and just threw their car into the last available disabled parking bay without a care in the world for any disabled customers who came in behind them. Absolute scumbags, makes my blood boil! Although the car/motorbike road accident at a dangerous junction just up the road soon puts things into perspective and makes you really consider whats important in life! It can all be over so quickly, but then I do get a good sense of that when I take to the road on two wheels myself! Oh well, bedtime it is, I’m back in the gym in the morning!

Night all!


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