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“You may delay, but time will not.”


Monday morning seems to get harder each week, but its especially hard when you wake up not feeling 100%, and actually getting out of bed feels like the most difficult job of the day! Still, I made it, and on the bike too, although I do need to be getting up to bed pronto as I am desperately trying to stop going to sleep so late, I need to save as much of my energy as I can and late nights do not make things any easier. Tomorrow I have my last training session in the Jujitsu dojo before I get graded for my next belt, and then on Wednesday morning its back on the treadmill! This is going to take some serious will power to get up early enough and not be leaving the house at the last minute. I just hope that whatever germs I have picked up are gone quickly. I promised a friend I’d meet them in the gym and help encourage them to run, and I have several inches around my own waist that say I shouldn’t be letting my friend down too!

Monday didn’t go too badly even though I wasn’t feeling great, work was okay and the cycling wasn’t as tough as I thought it might be, especially as there seemed to be very little breeze about, although it was still a big relief to get home. The wind can have a huge impact on how hard it is to cycle home, as most of it is uphill, and even a slightly windy day can really take it out of your legs if its blowing against you as you pedal uphill! When I got back I was presented with big smiles from Olivia, who seems to be napping less in the last few weeks and it often still up when I get home! Clare had to pop out to the shops and as Olivia seemed tired and yet refused to go down for a nap, I thought I may as well give her a bath and then her final bottle as we weren’t that far away from her bedtime anyway. The bath was a bit of a gamble as she was tired and we had tears, which was a shame as she generally loves bath time. Although at this stage, bath time is usually only a 10 minute affair, so she was dressed and drinking her milk in no time. She was fast asleep before she’d even finished the bottle and was soon up to bed, and with the clocks going forward, this meant it was still light outside even though it was almost 8pm, which gave me a chance to put a few seeds down in the garden before it got dark. I have decided that I want to clear all the bushes from the garden and replace them mostly with flowers, although I will be dedicating some of the garden to growing a few vegetables, and with the exception of what is already growing in the greenhouse, the first thing to actually go in the ground is peas, although these seeds are a little out of date, so I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one, but I still do have another few packets of seeds that are in date if these don’t grow! I’d love to see Olivia eating something fresh we actually grew ourselves in the garden that she can even pick herself, rather than something a few days old and without as much flavour sold in a shop. I really can’t wait for her to get involved and be growing her own vegetables, although I do think we’re probably a little way off that yet!


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