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89.365 Mothers Day

“The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”


Happy mothers day to all the moms reading this!

Mothers day in the UK, and for men like myself who have recently become a dad, and so have a wife or girlfriend celebrating their first ever mothers day, a certain amount of pressure to get the day right. The internet has really helped to make getting the right gifts and cards a whole lot easier, although there is obviously a lot more to the day. I was especially pleased with the card, as it brought a tear to Clare’s eye when she read it this morning, the perfect response! While Clare was showering and doing her hair etc I managed to watch the 2nd F1 race of the year, and due to it being in Malaysia and in a different time zone it was finished by 11am, then it was time for the chores to start! Rather than heading out for the day, we decided to have our mothers over for lunch, and put on a buffet for them. Clare was ordered to put her feet up but insisted on helping to get the food ready, especially as she wanted to serve up her speciality home made pizza, which I have not attempted to make yet! We also had my other sister join us, and her boyfriend showed his face for a little while. We weren’t expecting them when we planned the food, but as it happened there was more than enough to go around in the end, so it didn’t really matter. Everyone enjoyed themselves and no-one went without. I wanted to grab a few photos while we had everyone here, a shot of Clare, Olivia and the two grandmothers and also Olivia with her grandparents, which came out really nice and so is my photo for the day. The weather was almost as warm as yesterday, and still quite pleasant and so allowed us the benefit of taking the photos outside in the garden.

Ideally I’d have liked a bit more sunshine and have been able to sit out in the garden, but we have been fairly lucky with the weather considering its still March! Clare’s parents stayed for a few hours, and then headed off to visit Clare’s brother, while my family stayed on and sat down to watch a film with us. I knew my mom would like Philomena, and my sister had shown an interest in watching it, so we sat down and watched the film together. Its a lovely, but extremely sad film based on real events and starring one of my favourite actresses Dame Judi Dench who never disappoints in any of her roles! I can’t lie, it really tugged at the heart strings and I had to wipe away a tear or two. Yes, I cry at films… there I said it! Normally a few drinks doesn’t help matters, but I didn’t even have that excuse this afternoon! Although I was particularly exhausted after a rather late night, which wasn’t helped by the clocks going forward for daylight saving time losing me an hour of sleep time. So I really need to be in bed by a sensible time tonight, and as I am committing myself to getting back into the gym this week, I need to make a habit of getting to bed at a decent time! My only barrier to hitting the gym in the morning is dragging myself out of bed on time, the actual exercise doesn’t bother me at all, especially with my headphones and some good tunes, on top of which I am already warmed up from the bike ride in! I am joining a work colleague in the gym, so we can motivate each other to go, and we’re starting wednesday. I have a set goal in weight to lose and I need to start now. One of my targets is this years Tough Mudder, which is a brutal course, and will be made much easier by my being lighter, as will my daily cycle into work!


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