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Some days you just have more to say than others. Today is not one of those days.

I guess its nothing a few decent early nights wouldn’t cure! Its easier said than done sometimes though, committing to a photo a day project is one thing, but sticking to it regardless AND filling in a blog post can often mean me literally running out of time and having to stay up that bit later than I’d like to some nights. I like being busy, I find it satisfying to not be glued to the tv each night literally wasting my life away. There are some nights I could even come home and not have the tv on at all, it just doesn’t bother me. Saturation has literally watered down tv to a pale version of what it once was. This is not the same for the wife, I think if we had to go without a tv she’d flip out and kill someone! If you ask people my age if tv was better when we were kids, they’d all day yes, and why?… because there was so much less of it! It was original, and captured your imagination. I’ll let you into one little secret though, this stuff was good, for no other reason than thats how we remember it, not because it actually was mind blowing stuff, just that we were young, the theme tunes were catchy and we didn’t know any better, and at the time we thought it was cool, but then what did we have to compare it to? There was only three other channels back then, and they had nothing on that was relevant to kids! If you ever do decide to revisit anything, and want to see if you can find it on youtube, prepare to be disappointed! I was, hugely! Most of it actually wasn’t good at all, but at the time I enjoyed it, it made me feel good. My perception of what I was watching back then didn’t quite match up with it the second time around, or is it just because I’m looking at it with the eyes of an adult now, and not the eyes of a child? I mean some of the toys we had back then were the balls, but I wouldn’t want to play with them now. Is that because they were actually rubbish in reality, or is it just because I don’t play with toys any more? Regardless, tv may have advanced, but I’d still rather be doing something more productive with my time. I am also hoping that Olivia’s fascination with the tv will soon end when she’s up on her feet and moving around. Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to ban her from the tv, I dont think a bit of tv time does kids any harm at all, but I would like to get us all outdoors and active when she’s big enough to go for walks with us. I want her to explore the outdoors, get her hands dirty and discover things, watch them grow, be interested in nature. This generation of “console kids” that we seem to be nurturing worries me, they’re missing out on so much!

Anyway, from having nothing to talk about, I found enough. That’s me done for one day though, I’m off to bed!


4 thoughts on “84.365”

  1. You hit the nail on the head. TV was great when I was a kid, however watching those same shows today not so impressive. We are all way too plugged in and dependent on technology for our own good. And while it’s not going anywhere….we need to find balance in our lives or risk losing ourselves in its matrix.


    1. I have just realised that I never got around to replying to your comment, how very rude of me! I shall go outside and have a word with myself! Glad you liked the post, your blog looks intriguing, I’ll have a good look as soon as I get the chance!


  2. These days I could and pretty much do live without watching television. I don’t even binge watch series anymore. The girl and the baby are the complete opposite.

    The other day the baby is napping on the couch. When she wakes up I walk into the room and she just looks at me and points at the television.

    So we watch some Baby First. I don’t know what’s going on on the Walking Dead but I sure can sing the theme song to Color Crew!


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