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“Cherish every moment with those you love at every stage of your journey.”


Another weekend draws to a close sadly, Sunday night arrives again and I sit here reflecting on the last two days. Yeah maybe it sounds a bit deep, just because I have to go back to work in the morning, but having a baby changes the way you see things completely, and the weekends have become so important to me now. During the week I get little time to spend with Olivia, and so I always try to make the most of the two days that I am not at work. This weekend has been really nice, although there are still so many people I would have liked to have seen, but its not always possible in just two days. One thing we did discover this weekend is that Olivia has finally cut her first tooth, you can’t really see it, but you can feel it when she had a chew on your finger!

Today we enjoyed a slow start to the day, I managed to get more more seeds planted now that I have some more seed trays after yesterdays trip to B&Q. I am hoping that me and my friend can get a lot of veg grown on the allotment this year, and giving the seeds a head start in the greenhouse should help to speed the process up a bit, before actually planting them out onto the allotment itself. I have a variety of seeds already in the greenhouse and shooting up, such as tomato, chilli, brussel sprouts, broccoli, pumpkin and cauliflower, and wanted to add some extra onion and carrot seeds as they will be eaten in no time if they succeed and grow well. Lets just hope that we have a few more sunny days this year, a bit more like last year and not so much of the damp 2012! I didn’t really have a resolution for the new year as such, but one of my goals for the year, if you want to compare it to a resolution, was to spend more time on the allotment with Dave. He took over like a trooper last year, and was really understanding about my lack of input with all the work on the new house and the arrival of Olivia, but I still felt guilty and will not be leaving him to it this year. I’m feeling encouraged by the seeds that are shooting at the moment, and can’t wait to plant them out and watch them grow, although I am a little nervous about the broccoli and cauliflower after last years crop were devastated by caterpillars and butterflies last year, and they didn’t even get from the seed tray into the ground! It has been a mild winter and I have already seen several butterflies around, normally this would please me, but not so much this year!

We took a walk round to the in laws house for lunch today, which is always a welcome treat and saves us having to cook! I haven’t seen much of them lately, so we spent a few hours there, and chilled out while Olivia spent some time with her grandparents. It makes it so much nicer knowing we only have a short walk home afterwards too. I did make sure to call my mom today, even though we didn’t manage to make it over there. I know how important a phone call is, just to let someone know that you’re thinking of them and haven’t forgotten them. After we got home I popped out to pick up a bottle of red wine to finish my evening off and we sat down and decided to put something on the tv, although nothing much inspired me so we had a look at what we had recorded on the Sky+ and Clare immediately spotted the documentary ‘Undercover Doctor: Cure Me, I’m Gay’ with Dr Christian Jessen, who I have to admit, I didn’t even realise he was gay until a few weeks ago! It was a fascinating programme and highlights the sheer mind boggling backwards ideas that some people have about homosexuality, talking about things like demons and bad parenting and how they can be ‘cured’ with electric shock or being exorcised. It reminds me of a documentary by Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills a couple of years ago called The Worlds Worst Place To Be Gay where he spent time in Uganda, and essentially put his life on the line for the documentary as the entire country persecutes those who are gay and believe “Homosexuality is just bad behaviour that should not be allowed in our society,”, and Ugandans are still pushing for the death penalty for gay people. Do we actually live in the 21st century? How can people think that this route of reasoning is acceptable?

Another story that caught my attention this morning was about schools in Birmingham that have essentially been taken over by muslim extremists that try to teach all pupils arabic, organises trips to Mecca out of public money, mocks christianity and has banned christmas, to the point that government inspectors Ofsted have downgraded its status from Outstanding to Needs Improvement so that they can essentially boot out the senior management team and board of governors while they try and restore the school to what it should ne. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/10716855/Government-intervenes-at-school-taken-over-by-Muslim-radicals.html

Its hard to believe that this has been going on under our noses and they actually thought that they could get away with it!

Thats it! The world has gone crazy! i think I’ll pour myself another drink!


2 thoughts on “82.365”

  1. I read somewhere that Christian Jessen looks that good because of body dysmorphia. Because of mockery and bullying as a child for being “effeminate”, he works out, a lot. It becomes an addictive process where nothing he does ever feels good enough.


  2. I couldnt watch the whole Dr Jessen programme….think I would have smashed my tv in anger!!!
    Sickening that people have such views on whom people fall in love with 😦


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