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“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”


Saturday lie ins are clearly a thing of the past now we have a little person in the house. Dont get me wrong, I’m totally grateful she sleeps through the night and is such a well behaved baby, but man, what I’d do for a lie in on a Saturday!

Today was a day of visiting, and our first destination was some friends I’ve known for a number of years who have a son with autism, they had invited us over for lunch so we could catch up and chat about the situation of me spending a few hours a week helping them to look after their son. As I work in a special needs school and have experience of working with children with autism, I felt in a good position to be able to offer to help my friends out. They have been allocated some money to pay someone to be a support worker for their son, but were struggling to find anyone. The subject happened to come up over a few drinks on a night out, and they had totally forgot about where I work and what I do. It was a really pleasant afternoon, lunch was delicious and it was nice to spend some time with them as we generally only see them on nights out!

We left there and headed straight over to see Clare’s brother and his wife and their new little baby, Olivia’s new cousin! I remember many happy afternoons playing with my cousins when I was growing up, and I’m really looking forward to seeing Olivia playing with hers. I have two sisters, and only one of them has children, but sadly they are now teenagers and obviously won’t be playing with Olivia, at least not in the same was as a girl the same age would. As for my other sister, will she give Olivia some more cousins anytime soon? Who knows, but it is nice to see the family growing a bit in size. My family have sadly drifted apart over the years, but we used to spend a lot of time together when I was young, and as much as I miss those days, the reality is that they are never coming back! All I can do now is provide Olivia with a chance to see her cousins as often as possible!

After our visiting was done, a quick trip to B&Q to get some bits for the garden and a trip to Asda to pick up dinner and it was time to head home and get Olivia ready for bed. It has been a good Saturday! Time with the family is everything!


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