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“but baby its cold outside…”


I’ll admit, the temptation was to take the car again today, but I resisted. The day started off nice, and finished that way too, contrary to the weather forecast, which told me I was getting soaked on the way home! The traffic wasn’t great, but sailing through the middle of it always feeling good! The day at work was a crazy one, I am going to start calling it Freaky Friday, as the kids were all a bit nuts, but of course, not exactly the worst day I’ve had.

I came home today to low and behold, and empty house, a rare event. Clare had been out shopping with her mom, which is fine, but obviously lost track of time, and so I beat her home from work. She’d been to see her brother again, and the new baby, which was a bit disappointing as I’d be waiting to see them, but it looks like another days waiting for me. The wife and I sat down together for dinner, and caught up about the day. She had to pop back out to drop off some items for the new baby to her sister in law and left me with Olivia who fell asleep taking her bottle, but then woke up again as I put her down in her cot and pretty much cried for an hour until she gave in and fell asleep. We had another lovefilm dvd through the post, and I finally managed to go online and cancel my subscription, as previously you had to call them to cancel. I did suggest putting the film they’d sent us on, it somehow wasn’t one we’d chosen (yet again) and looked rubbish! We abandoned the idea, as the film sounded dreadful, and we then went trawling through netflix instead and came up with Thor, which thankfully the wife reluctantly agreed to watch… although after 10 minutes it didn’t matter anyway as she was fast asleep and catching flies! So I got to watch it on my own instead in the company of three big bottles of Singha.

That’s how we roll on Friday nights for you!


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