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“All the colours of the rainbow…”


Kiai: “In martial arts, the term commonly refers to a short yell made before, during, or after a technique. Students of Japanese martial arts such as aikido, karate, kobudo, kendo, or judo (or related arts such as taiko drumming) use kiai to startle an opponent, express confidence, or express victory.”

Tuesday night is here again, and that can only mean one thing… Jujitsu!

Not a lot of my friends know about my martial arts training, which I started over three years ago and have been going almost every week since. I have been working my way up through the various belts, and now I am waiting for my next grading for the brown belt. The different martial arts have different belt systems, and people have asked me what belt I’m on it doesn’t always mean anything to them as say, my green belt for example, in karate or judo would mean something different to what it means to me in jujitsu. I have placed them in descending order from left to right, starting with the belt I am on now and ending up at the beginners white belt. The group I go to has been running for over 13 years now and has a regular following, and the juniors group that is on before the adult group seems to get bigger and bigger each week, which is really encouraging. Not only is jujitsu fun and a good way to keep fit, but it also teaches discipline and increases confidence. I am sure the any of the juniors that keep it up will benefit from that in the future. I just wish the session was either two hours, or we could do it more than once a week!

The rest of Tuesday was fine, windy and tough on the legs for cycling, but I managed to make it home safely. I am just glad that the rain has held off for a while recently, you definitely need to take advantage of dry weather when you’re on a bike, it makes such a difference to the journey, although the forecast for Thursday onwards would suggest having an umbrella handy. Our warm and sunny weekends seem to have given us false hope that winter may be over and spring may be here! The day actually started with a beautiful sunrise… but… even better than that was the big beaming smile from my daughters face as I went in to check her this morning. She is often awake before I leave for work, and I like to get her out of her overnight nappy as quickly as possible, and a few cuddles before I leave never hurt. I was extremely glad to get this time with her this morning as she was asleep when I got home from work, and i knew there’d be a chance she may be asleep for the night when I got in from jujitsu, thankfully she wasn’t and I got a few more cuddles with her before bed. I was also lucky enough to sample my wife’s first homemade pizza, well, I say first… we did actually try making pizzas a couple of years ago, but the recipe was so useless that the whole thing failed and I was ready to throw it all in the bin! This time it worked and was totally delicious! We chose our own specific toppings and may never buy a shop pizza again! I was temped to include a photo of todays fantastic pizza creation, but then realised that I only did a “food” shot on Friday night, and one thing I want to avoid doing on here is repeating myself!

Okay then, its late enough and bedtime for me, good night all!

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