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“It’s enough to make her smile.”


The weekend has been another brutal combination of late nights and early mornings, when will I ever find it in me to drag myself to bed at a sensible time? I have all the incentive I need: I’m tired, I have a lovely wife there waiting for me, plus I know I’ll be up early tomorrow for more cycling. Yet, old habits die hard, and whilst I do know that I’m not as bad as I used to be, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Still, nobody is perfect, and its not exactly the worst complaint is it? I mean lets look at this from a different perspective: I work hard, I don’t smoke, I only drink at the weekend, staying up a bit late is about as rock and roll as it gets these days! I always remember my grandad saying to me though “early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, and wealthy and wise”. Could this be why I’ve never been rich?

Still, I feel rich in other ways, the blessing of a happy family is one that money certainly can’t buy. A wife that loves me and a daughter who is happy and healthy is all I need in life.

I took todays photo as I haven’t featured one of myself for a while, and had an idea for something slightly different. When I looked at this photo I came to thinking that this is all Olivia sees when I bend over her cot to pick her up, this hairy, wrinkled, slightly overweight face is somehow enough to make my daughter not only smile, but beam from ear to ear. I have to be doing something right! Quite frankly its enough to make me recoil each time I pass a mirror, still, my daughter seems to quite like it. Tonight tested that theory though. The wife headed out for an hour or so and left me with Olivia who had unusually just woke up crying as she clearly wasn’t done with her nap and something had woken her, a dream, a noise outside, who knows?! It took me a while to settle her, which ended with her unfortunately eventually falling back to sleep just before she was due for her next bottle. Still our feeding and bedtime routine seems to be still working really well, and we’re especially happy now the weaning is well under way. Her food intake is increasing, but we’ll have to keep the amount of milk she drinks the same for a while yet, at least until we get her weighed again. She really is starting to get into her food now though, after the slightly slow start we had. We have come to realise that Olivia is a big fan of sweet potato, and also of rusks… who doesn’t like rusks though?! Unfortunately, with the wife popping out and Olivia upset, it meant my productive to-do list was put on the back burner, especially as part of my list included putting things into the loft. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow! Spring cleaning begins this week, we need to get this house in order. Some stuff has just been put off and put off, even since we moved in, there are still things that need attention. But, now is the time to do it!


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