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“It is the weekend after all.”


Yes, last nights blog post was a bit of a big one, a little deeper than I was expecting when I started. I’d had a couple of beers and I can waffle a bit when I get started, and the lengthy post also meant I was a little later to bed than intended. I didn’t want to start saturday feeling sluggish, but the day started a lot earlier than I imagined as Olivia was awake at the crack of dawn and once she’s awake I can’t leave her in a wet nappy, as she’ll have been wearing it for close to 12 hours by that point. I changed her and tried to get a bit more sleep before getting up, although I didn’t get much. Still, the only thing I can do at this point is let a nice hot shower wake me up, and get on with the day. The sun is shining and there is plenty to do. After we’d got a few chores out of the way, it was off to my moms so Olivia could spend some time with her other grandparents. After a few pleasant hours we headed home and I got onto the task of washing the car, and throwing the vacuum round the inside of it, which if i’m right, probably hasn’t been done since before Olivia was born! Oops! Halfway through one of our friends turned up with her baby to pick up our camcorder that they were borrowing for their holiday next week, I hope they get some lovely memories, as I know only too well and I’ve mentioned on here before, the days slip by so quickly and soon that little baby is going to be all grown up!

Now we’re just waiting for the in-laws to turn up to look after Olivia while we head out and meet friends for a curry… the takeaway variety, not the eat-in variety, as they too have a new baby and don’t have the same access to baby sitters that we do. There seems to be a bit of a baby boom going on at the moment, so many of our friends are either having or recently had babies, which is all a bit odd really when you think that we’ve already left things a little late and they are all of a similar age! So many late parents, although admittedly some of the babies are not the first for some of them.


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