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“Strong like bull.”


So from Olivia being the dream baby and going down to sleep last night at 7:30pm and then sleeping all the way through to the morning as usual, we had a rather unexpected awakening at 4am with a crying little girl. This is very unlike Olivia, she never cries, its just not her, so was a bit of a surprise for us. I didn’t hear it at first though and Clare had very thoughtfully got up and tried to calm her so without waking me as I had work in the morning, but the tears soon turned to screaming as it became clear that this wouldn’t be over quickly. There was no way I could sleep, and I wouldn’t want to roll over and ignore those cries anyway, so I was up to give Clare some support. I tried to comfort Olivia while Clare gave her some Calpol to help ease the teething pain and bring her temperature down a little. The rocking and shushing was definitely having an effect, albeit a very slow one, but eventually by 5am she was back to sleep again. Sadly I wasn’t so lucky and it took me a while to get back to sleep, leaving me with about 30 minutes shut eye before my alarm went off, so all in all around 4 hours sleep for the night! I debated the idea of taking the car to work today as I was shattered when I got up and even weighed up the pros and cons of actually having the convenience of a car available to me, especially as Clare said she wouldn’t be using it today, but in the end I refused to be beaten. I figured that I may be mentally tired, but my body was still physically rested and the ride into work may actually wake me up a bit. “Strong like bull, suck it up Vokes and get on that bike!” Before I left I noticed that it was foggy outside yet again this morning, as it has been the last few mornings, and I have so far failed to get a foggy photo in my 365 this year or in the whole of last year, so I figured today was my chance. I set off and was only 6 minutes into my ride into work when I spotted the trees in the local park and liked the effect of them fading into the distance and so pulled off the road to get my camera from my bag and grab a couple of shots. It might have looked a bit suspicious to the motorists to see a cyclist pull of the road into a park and suddenly hide behind a tree, but trying to get a different photo each day on a 365 project will have you doing silly things to try and get a shot! You kind of have to disregard what you think people might think about you or you will end up missing shots, and some opportunities don’t come around twice!

The week is coming to a close and today went fairly quickly at work, with Clare keeping me updated on how Olivia was doing, and suddenly my baby thermometer purchase before Olivia was even born didn’t look like such a bad idea after all. Her temperature did rise, but thankfully she has still been having her milk and remaining hydrated, and her temperature soon went down again. By the time I got home from work we were starting to see some smiles again, and Olivia was looking a little better, if not very tired for her lack of naps today. Now she’s finally down for the night again, and Clare has already taken herself off to bed to catch up on a little sleep, as will I be doing very soon! I am well aware that I need to be making a conscious effort to start getting more early nights as one of my biggest failings is the fact I am never in bed much before midnight on any day of the week! I also haven’t been running for a couple of weeks because of the lack of energy, only enough sleep will help there! If I can start getting to bed earlier then I can get up earlier and cycle to work and still have time to hit the treadmill for half an hour! I did it before, I can do it again.

Tomorrow… its only bloody Friday!!


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